Medieval Dynasty review and guide for beginners on the profitable trade in edible and clothing resources

Hello dear friends! You may have already played or are playing the game Medieval Dynasty and faced problems when you need to have time to pay taxes to Unigost. It happens that by this time period there may not be the required number of coins and the question arises of how to get them quickly. This can be completing optional tasks for neutral characters or trading in goods. In terms of trade, coin mining is the most efficient and profitable.

Medieval Dynasty has a trading system, but its balance is not sufficiently adjusted. The game is in early access and is being finalized. At the moment, there have already been several updates in which the value of items has changed and the extraction itself has become more difficult. For example, the St. John’s wort plant and some other plants could be harvested without time delays. And this significantly accelerated the collection, moreover, in the market for one unit of “St. John’s wort” you could get 2 coins. And this despite the fact that the weight of “St. John’s wort” is very small.

At the moment, the game has updated version and major updates # 3. These updates touch upon the moment with some resources that are available to beginners at the first beginnings of the game and may significantly complicate development. The fact is that beginners can build the first house in which the character himself can live. At the same time, objects can be made from the resources found on the ground and work with tools that he made with his own hands.

In addition, after the updates, the prices for goods at merchants have changed significantly. Which made buying food from merchants unprofitable. Before adjusting the prices of goods from merchants, it was possible to buy a “Pellet” for 20 coins and provide a satiety of 45 units for the whole day. After the updates, this “Flatbread” costs 140 coins. Because of this, you have to hunt more often and value the edible resources obtained more.

About tools and resources that can be obtained and crafted by hand in the game Medieval Dynasty.

At the beginning of the game, the player can make few tools, but they directly affect the development process. For example, the Stone Ax allows you to chop down trees and mine Logs, Sticks, and Feathers. And the “Stone Knife” makes it possible to butcher an animal and get “Skin”, “Meat” and “Fur”. With the help of the “Wooden Spear” the character can hunt wild animals and extract resources from them. “Torch” allows you to warm up and illuminate the road in the dark, as well as kindle a fire.

At the beginning of the game, the player can engage in gathering edible and non-edible resources. Such as sticks, stones, berries, mushrooms, reeds (straw), plants (St. John’s wort and others). All these resources have their own characteristics for the character and can be sold at different prices.

Some players were unhappy with the difference in the value of the resources being harvested. And the developers were forced to make big changes to the balance. For example, earlier it was possible to sell “St. John’s wort” and some other resources for 2 coins, with their low weight, and earn a good fortune. This allowed players to calmly complete story missions and rebuild the settlement. “Stick” and “Straw” cost 1 coin each, and they could be collected very quickly and in large quantities.

The developers even banned the sale of most of the collected resources, which had to hang around the “Workbench” and make items for sale. And for beginners, spend more time making goods with their own hands, such as a hammer, an ax or a wooden spear. A wooden spear from the above can be more attractive due to less resource waste.

After the update in version, the developers decided to return the sale of collected resources, but at a very low price. And at the beginning of the game, not all beginners delve into the economic peculiarities, which significantly increases the time it takes to complete the game.

Edible resources through gathering in Medieval Dynasty:

It is important to note that it is generally not recommended to sell edible resources after the upgrade. Since it takes a lot of time to find them, and they are of high value for maintaining the life of the character. In addition, the vendor’s price for some types of food is very low, so collect food for yourself and your villagers.

For ease of finding edible resources, you need to pump “Sense of Survival” in the “Survival” branch. Which will help to highlight resources in the grass at a medium distance. This can significantly increase the survival rate and speed up the search for such resources.

  • St. John’s wort.

It is needed to restore the character’s health after being injured. Previously, it could be sold to merchants for 2 coins, now it costs 0.1 coins per piece. It is not profitable, we do not recommend selling.

  • Broadleaf plantain.

Helps to recover from poisoning, in the case of eating poor quality food or mushrooms. Just like St. John’s wort, it costs 2 coins, now Broadleaf Plantain costs 0.1 coins apiece.

  • Berries.

One of the few resources that allows you to meet the needs of food and thirst. More suitable for travel water replenishment. You can sell for 0.1 coin, which is very unprofitable.

 Different types of mushrooms:

Among the mushrooms, there are species that are well appreciated by traders. If the use of ready-made mushrooms is not included in the main diet, then they can be considered for sale. At the beginning of the game, mushrooms can become a good resource for trading, since there is no way to acquire the necessary technologies and buildings for their production.

Almost all mushrooms appear in the autumn, with the exception of “Morel Mushroom”, it appears already in spring and summer.

  • Red pine mushroom.

Merchants appreciate it and its value is 1.1 coins, which is a fairly good price. The only drawback is that such a mushroom is difficult to find. Therefore, we do not recommend purposefully looking for it for sale, you can waste valuable time in vain. Here you need to rely on chance, if you saw such a mushroom, then take it, it will not be superfluous.

  • Woolen milk mushroom.

Traders are ready to buy it for 0.7 coins, the price is not very attractive. It makes no sense to purposefully search for this type of mushroom for sale. Moreover, it is difficult to find it in the grass.

  • Morel mushroom.

You can find this type of mushroom from the summer time, but it costs only 0.7 coins on the market.

  • Mushroom umbrella.

Perhaps this is one of the best types of mushrooms for beginners. Since these mushrooms are clearly visible in the grass and several pieces grow nearby. Considering the search time and collection time, the mushroom was awarded the title of the best for obtaining coins. At the same time, merchants are ready to buy for 1.1 coins, which is very worthy and attractive. In the course of the game, just do not forget to collect this type of mushroom.

  • Bitter white mushroom.

It is very small and difficult to find in the grass, but there are places with little grass. And in such places, you can easily find several pieces. Merchants buy for 0.7 coins, which makes the mushroom not for sale.

  • Porcini.

It has good value from merchants, for 1 piece you can get 1.1 coins. But, due to the rarity and difficulty in finding, the “White Mushroom” is not suitable for trade. It will not work to earn good money on it.

  • Amanita.

It is not very difficult to find in the forest, they have large red hats with white dots. It is not suitable for consumption. And for sale it has little value and a small amount of such mushrooms next to each other. Merchants can buy for 0.7 coins, which is not very profitable.

Resources that are obtained by hunting in the game Medieval Dynasty.

Hunting may require additional tools such as the Wooden Spear early in the game. You can, of course, hunt with the “Stone Ax” and “Stone Knife”, but there is an increased risk of losing health. Therefore, the best weapon for hunting is “Wooden Spear”, which can be assembled from 1 unit of “Log”. The resource “Log” is obtained from the felling of trees.

First, create a “Stone Ax” from the “sticks” and “stones” that we find on the ground. After that we are engaged in cutting down several trees to obtain the “Log”. We transform the collected “Log” into “Wooden spears” with the help of hands from the interface to the “Q or Y” button. You need to collect about 7-8 “Wooden Spears”, so you can be sure of a safe hunt.

We recommend for beginners to start hunting the Hares and Foxes, as they are less dangerous and you need to spend fewer spears on them. For a hare, one hit is enough, and for a fox it may take about 2-3 hits. At the same time, from a hare and a fox, you can get “Meat” and “Wool”, from 1-2 units.

The most affordable and attractive in terms of food are “Boar” and “Deer”. You can get more resources from them, but the hunt is more laborious. From such animals, you can get “Meat” and “Skin”, in the amount of 4-6 units. This allows you to feed yourself for several days, although you have to hunt pretty hard.

The boar is an aggressive animal and can attack the character itself, and to defeat it, it takes about 4-5 hits with “Wooden Spears”. Deer are more friendly, but you have to run after them long distances after being hit by a spear. One deer needs about 5-7 spears to fall.

Types of resources from hunting in the game Medieval Dynasty.

  • Raw meat.

Can be sold to a merchant for 1.1 coins, previously it cost 2 coins. At the same time, there was no difference in price between raw meat and fried meat. Therefore, the meat was sold raw and less time wasted on the gameplay. Meat can be cooked over a fire and then Fried Meat will cost 1.8 coins. Given the shortage of food, we do not recommend selling meat.

  • Leather.

The merchant’s price for leather is 2.8 coins. But we do not recommend selling ordinary leather, as it is very cheap. Leather can be used to make a Normal Bag, which requires only 3 leather units. The price for the “Regular Bag” is 14 coins, which is very profitable.

  • Fur.

Since the processing of fur requires the building “Sewing” and for its construction you need to gain a certain amount of experience. Then they also buy technologies and collect additional resources for manufacturing, so beginners can afford to sell fur without processing. For one unit of fur, merchants are ready to buy for 2.1 coins. Sell ​​to get extra money.

Resources obtained by fishing in the game Medieval Dynasty.

A beginner may not be able to go fishing, as it is difficult to find available fish. Besides, fishing with the Wooden Spear is not easy. To simplify the fishing process, you need to upgrade the Tracker in the Hunt tree.

At the moment there are 3 types of fish “Perch”, “Plotva”, “Pike”. Each of the fish is valued differently by the merchants. Cooked fish is currently priced the same, you can get 2.1 coins. As mentioned above, food is in short supply after upgrades and food price increases from merchants. Therefore, it is better not to sell.

  • Perch.

For the sale of raw “Perch” you can get 5.3 coins. The perch is of medium size, similar to the Plotva fish. In one place you can find 3-5 fish, more often 3 pieces.

  • Roach.

“Roach” costs 0.7 coins, the most unprofitable fish. In addition, it has a small size, which is why it is difficult to get into it. Therefore, fishing on the “Plotva” becomes uninteresting.

  • Pike.

It is the best fish in the game Medieval Dynasty, it is large in size, so it is easy to get into it. It is found in flocks of up to 5 pieces. Raw pike costs around 8.8 coins and is the most expensive of all fish. If there is a sufficient amount, then you can put it up for sale, but it is better to keep it for yourself.

Conclusion on resources for trading.

Of the listed types of resources that are available to a beginner at the initial stage of the game, the most profitable ones can be distinguished. These resources include the “Regular Bag”, which is sold for 14 coins. “Pike”, which does not even need to be cut and sold raw for 8.8 gold pieces and “Perch” for 5.3 coins.

The most profitable resources to collect are the “Umbrella Mushroom”, “Red Pine Mushroom” and “White Mushroom”, which can be sold for 1.1 coins. At the same time, there is absolutely no need to make additional tools for collection.