French light tank D1

The French light tank D1 began to be developed in 1929. The first batch was released in 1930. Until 1935, 160 cars were produced. 152 tanks took part in the battles in France. Eighteen D1 tanks were captured by the German army and used to train tankers.

Initially, the D1 tanks served in Algeria, consisting of 61, 65, 67 BCC. In June 1940, the 67th Battalion was transferred to France, where it participated in battles until the end of the campaign. The remaining cars in North Africa were used in battles on the Maret line from November 1942 to March 1943 as part of the 19th French Corps.

The French light tank D1 has a riveted hull and a cast tower. In the online game World Of Tanks you can install one of the two D1 Berliet or Schneider Tourelle 2 towers on a tank.

From the weapons, you can choose one of the three guns 13.2 mm Hotchkiss mle. 1930, 25 mm Canon Raccourci mle. 1934 or 47 mm SA34. In my opinion, the 25 mm cannon Canon Raccourci mle is more suitable for the best option. 1934. Deals one-time damage of 27 units and punches 46 millimeters of armor.

On the French light tank D1, you can install one of the two power units Renault S4 or Renault S4F. The maximum speed is 28 kilometers per hour. The tank is slow and not very agile for a class of light tanks. This one and disadvantages.

It is better to play in the French light tank D1 in urban quarters or in urban areas, it is easier to hide and defend there. The tank is slow and therefore it is not worthwhile to appear in the fields and open areas. In the cover of an ally to play easier than alone.