French light tank ELC BIS

The French light tank ELC BIS Tank was developed in 1957–1961. due to the need of the French airborne troops in a combat vehicle with the possibility of delivery by air, which could provide reliable anti-tank cover from heavily armored targets. The tank had a 90-mm gun and differed very low silhouette. The crew of two people was placed in the tower, which could rotate 360 ​​degrees only when the tank was stationary. It was supposed to develop vehicles with various weapons. One prototype was released. The tank was not in service.

In the 1950s, the French Ministry of Defense initiated the ELC program [Engin Léger de Combat], which included the creation of an air-transportable airborne assault combat vehicle with a crew of two people weighing less than 7 tons.

AMX provided a more conservative solution based on the CC-2 ammunition carrier (which, in turn, was based on Hotchkiss TT6-52). The prototype was called ELC AMX and, to intimidate the enemy, it was classified as a tank destroyer. The peculiarity of this sample is the location of the entire crew (two people) in the tower. The second prototype is ELC BIS. His model and presented in the game.

The main advantage of AMX ELC bis in comparison with other light tanks of the fifth level are its dimensions. This is what compensates for low rate of fire, weak walkie-talkie and bad armor. Getting into AMX ELC bis, even standing still, from a decent distance is not easy. However, if they fall, most likely the tank will be destroyed. Low strength and poor layout of internal modules is the reason.

If we compare the AMX ELC bis and its competitors as battle tanks, then the incomplete rotation of the tower is felt. If, for example, the MT-25 easily cracks down on slow opponents left without support, simply spinning them, then the Frenchman cannot do this. There are several options:

  1. stop somewhere in the bushes and shoot like a PT-ACS;
    2. go straight at the enemy, fire the projectile and, having traveled around the enemy, continue the movement, making a wide U-turn while the weapon reloads;
    3. work in the role of support, changing position upon detection;
    4. to clinch in the side, not allowing to turn or leave (for ACS and PT-ACS);

An important factor is that the commander is also a loader and a gunner. Therefore, his contusion leads to grave consequences.

It is possible that the enemy firefly will sit on the tail of the AMX ELC bis. In this case, only luck or allies can save them – the lack of a tower will not allow shooting back, and long mixing and low rate of fire are not well suited for shooting brisk opponents at once.

The ram on the AMX ELC bis needs to be remembered at the very last and only as a last resort, because with a mass of only 7t (and the easiest of possible (except for the AMX ELC bis) opponents weigh 10t (Type 5 Ke-Ho)) ) and the complete absence of armor in the ram we will cause much more damage to ourselves than to the enemy. But, nevertheless, for example, in the “Storm” mode, in defense, you can catch especially arrogant fireflies who entered the base, ramming it “at an angle” into the caterpillar, trying to knock down the caterpillar and shooting large part of the lives of the enemy firefly and leave it “on the gusla” before the allied formations. For such tactics, it is desirable to have a splinter lining in order to take not so much damage from a ram, although in this case we lose a slot for equipment that can be spent much more efficiently.

At the very beginning of the battle, you can go to some treasured bush (if there is one on the map), become in it and not move. The tactics of passive light in our case works perfectly; it is difficult to detect the light tank AMX ELC bis due to its small dimensions and excellent masking, even from 100 meters, especially if you prefer the camouflage net.

As soon as the situation starts to spin out of control or the position loses its relevance, we begin to use the magnificent mobility of the “Christmas tree”. The AMX ELC bis tank should almost always be in motion, dive in the reliefs of the terrain or maneuver among the buildings on the city maps, constantly gathering valuable reconnaissance data. With this get on such a small fighter is very difficult.

If you want to not only shine, but also fill the damage, the situation becomes more complicated. The problem with the accuracy of AMX ELC bis World of Tanks, makes itself felt strongly, so for firing you will have to choose a position and shoot from a place with full information, in the manner of a PT-ACS.

For the same reasons, AMX ELC bis WoT cannot roundabout the enemy, because the tower is rotated when another weapon is mounted on it. Otherwise, you should always follow the mini-map, try to shine as much as possible and take damage as rarely as possible, and for this you need to move, think, cheat and move again.