French heavy tank B1

The French heavy tank B1 was developed from 1921 and was put into service in 1934. A total of 403 vehicles were produced at Renault, FCM, Schneider, FAMH and AMX plants. The tank was repeatedly upgraded and, despite its outdated design, in battles with German troops in May – June 1940, it earned a reputation as an invulnerable vehicle due to its excellent booking.

B1 tanks were actively used during the battles on the French front in May-June 1940. They have earned a reputation as invulnerable – not a single German tank and anti-tank gun could penetrate their armor.

After the occupation of France, the Germans captured 161 operational Bibis tanks, giving them the designation B2 740 (f). After dismantling, some of them were used as tractors, 16 were converted into 105 mm self-propelled units, and 60 into flamethrower tanks.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French heavy tank B1 is on level 4. This is the subsequent development of tanks D1 and D2. Unlike previous tanks, a heavy tank B1 is faster in speed, its speed is 30 kilometers per hour. It is more comfortable to play, there are ricochets and enemy tanks sometimes do not break through armor. Nevertheless, it is better to move in a pair with a partner. Often the tank B1 appears in the first places of the battle lists, sometimes there are rivals one level higher.

Comfortable terrain for fighting is urban areas, streets with houses. In the gorges near the rocky terrain, it is also possible to play, but this is already a little more difficult. It is better not to go to the fields at all, the review is not very good and most likely the heavy tank B1 enemy tanks will be noticed first.