Valorant improved counter Strike counter

Valorant is a fantastic first-person action shooter. The development of which is being worked out by Riot Games studio, which has extensive experience in creating online games. The release plan to release the game in 2020. With an initial set of 10 characters, 5 characters will be available for free and another 5 will need to be unlocked for game currency and money.

In the competition between other players can be taken in battles with 5 people in a team and 5 opponents. The main focus is on the ability of the characters. But as developers say, the abilities are of a secondary nature, and the ability to shoot accurately will be the main trump card of players to win.

In the distant future, planet earth and its inhabitants will face a mysterious threat. And to protect the planet, countries will have to unite. To solve problems, each country chose its best agent and sent it on a joint mission to combat the threat.

At the beginning of the battle, teams of five by five purchase equipment in the original zone and choose the direction for movement. The battle itself lasts up to 13 wins in 24 rounds. During the available rounds, players will have time to prove themselves in both attack and defense. The victory can be considered the killing of all opponents as a team, the mining of explosives and its detonation. And you can place bombs in three places.

In some ways, Valorant is very similar to Counter-Strike. And not for nothing, the very process of the game and the installation of the bomb, but not in one place, but in three. The game Valorant is distinguished by good graphics and unique character abilities.

The arsenal of weapons is diverse, there are pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles. The choice for every taste of the player and his style of play. If at the beginning of the game the player did not have enough funds to buy the necessary weapons, then you can make a request from the allies or pick up from the defeated on the battlefield.

In order for the characters to use their abilities, you need to fill frags. For an ordinary ability, you need to defeat several opponents. There is also a special ability that needs to be collected in parts. During the round you need to mine special places, defeat enemies and collect on the entire map of the sphere.