Northgard Bear Clan (Bjarki) review and game tips

At Northgard, the Bear Clan and its inhabitants inhabit northern territory. Thanks to this, members of the clan are well adapted to winters and have priorities in winter. And the main priority resources of “Food” is fish. It is considered an excellent warrior and persistent leader.

The Bear Clan has bonuses at the beginning of the game.

  • In winter, the fine for the production of “Food” was reduced by about 30%.
  • It is possible to call up 2 special units. In the form of characters of heroes. Armored bear “Kaya” and “Warrior”.
  • Fighters do not have a penalty to strength in the winter. In additions receive a 10% priority to sustainability.

Upon reaching the “Glory” the clan receives bonuses.

  • “Spiritual connection.” (200 units of “Glory”).

If the main characters of the Warrior clan and the Kaya bear are in the territory where the production is located, then workers will receive a 15% bonus in this appeal.

  • “Awakening of the beast.” (opens at 500 Glory units).

For a defeated enemy fighter, a + 3 bonus is given to Glory. But in the event that in this area is the “Warrior”.

Increases fighter strength by + 1% for every 100 points of Glory.

The “Armored Kaya Bear” is charged a fine for movement on terrariums. Now he can move and fight on enemy territory.

Clan “Relic”.

At Clan Bear, the relic is called Gram Knives, which must be learned and forged in the Forge.

After construction, the Warrior gains the ability to carry the Gram Sword weapon. When attacking, enemies are covered with ice. Ice-hit enemies lose their movement time and attack speed decreases.

Clan Traditions.

As mentioned above, the “Bear Clan” is the people of the northern territories and some of the “Tradition” skills are aimed at improving the advantage in the winter.

  • “Defender of the land.”

Increases “Happiness” by one unit if a “military camp” is built on the territory. This improvement can be combined with Career in terms of a simpler and more flexible choice.

The indicators of “Happiness” increase by 1 unit for one military structure in which it is possible to hire an army. At the same time, the “Defense Tower” indicators do not increase. If more than one military structure is built on one territory, the indicators will not be summarized.

If the territory is large, then for the place of a career “Guardian” you can choose another. Since the built camps will increase the available number of fighters and Happiness. And the career of the Guardian is more focused on the increase in the size of the army, due to the bonus from the Defense Towers.

  • “Harpoons”.

Increases the number of workers in the “Fisherman’s Hut” by 1 unit. And the increase in the production of “Food” in the “Fisherman’s Hut” is increased by 25%.

This improvement can give good priorities if there are 2 to 3 fishing huts. And if less, then there will be no noticeable advantage.

  • “Shield Wizard.”

Improves Shield Bearers. After improvement, they increase their stability by 10%, and less Gold is spent on hiring. And the building “Camp of the Shield Bearers” does not require maintenance.

This improvement seems to hint that the main clan fighters are the Shield Bearers. Thus emphasizing their stability. But the attack power is not very impressive.

And according to our estimates, Northgard’s main battle force is Ax Throwers. And the main blow is well taken and held by the main characters.

And paired with the “Land Defender” improvement, you can increase Happiness and lower the content of buildings.

  • “Winter holiday”.

In winter, fines for the production of “Food” are reduced by 50%. Happiness indicators are increasing by 3 units. And trade routes begin to bring 50% more gold in the winter.

Clan heroes.

The Bear Clan is one of not many clans that have 2 combat characters at their disposal. You can hire them in the Military Camp building.

The Kaya Armored Bear can be hired at the Military Camp for 50 units of Food and 40 Gold units. You can hire him at minimal cost and get an advantage in the speed of opening new territories.

Kaya’s Armored Bear has 13 defense, 10 attack, and 80 health.

The second hero is the “Warrior”, which can also be hired in the “Military Camp”. But it costs more and it will turn out to be hired after the adjusted production of resources. It costs 150 units of “Gold” and 5 units of “Iron”.

The fighting ability of the “Warrior” is quite good and can quite compete with the “Berserk”. The “Warrior” has 13 damage and 15 defense units, but these are indicators at the beginning of development, and health is 75 units.

Conclusion on the “Clan of the Bear.”

Based on the process of the game, “Bear Clan” is focused on the game in priority in the winter time. In the winter period of time, not only reduced resource consumption, but generally increased.

If you improve the “Hibernation”, then you can generally increase the effectiveness of attacks in the winter. Soldiers at this time heal their health faster. And in the end, you can attack enemy clans more often. But health can only be restored while on its territory.

So it is with the army, the fighters do not get a fine to attack. Due to this, attacking enemy clans in the winter is effective. Since the indicators of production and attacks of warriors in many clans in the winter periods are reduced.

You can upgrade the Harpoon in the Giving, but in the event that there are several Fishermen’s huts. But if 1-2 pieces, it is better to spend the improvement on something else.

The Shield Master can not be explored at all, as the Shield Bearers are not used for the most part. Their functions may well be taken over by clan heroes, their protection and strength points are enough for this. But if you decide to increase security, you can research, though there will not be a big effect from them. It will become harder to play, as you need to save a precious population. And monitor the damaged Shield Bearers, select them and send them to a safe area. The strategy with the hero and Ax Throwers is much simpler.