American light tank M3 Stuart

The American light tank M3 Stuart was created in 1938–1941 on the basis of the M2 tank and has been mass-produced since 1941. In total, more than 13,000 cars of various modifications from M3 to M3A3 were built, which were supplied under lend-lease to almost all the allied countries. According to the system of designations adopted in Great Britain, tanks M3 received the designation Stuart I, and tanks M3A1 – Stuart III. First used in November 1941 in the battle of Sidi-Rezeg.

The first 84 M3 tanks received by the British arrived in North Africa in the spring of 1941. They were equipped with the 8th Hussars (Kings Royal Irish Hussars) of the 4th tank brigade, which was part of the 7th tank division. American tanks replaced the outdated British cruiser A9, A10 and A13. Moreover, the “Stuart” was not inferior to the latter in mobility, armament and armor protection, and significantly surpassed them in reliability and ease of operation.

The baptism of the “Stuarts” was received in November 1941 in North Africa as part of the 8th British Army. In December, the American “Stuarts” of the 192nd Tank Battalion fought against the Japanese who landed in the Philippines. By this time, all three regiments of the 4th tank brigade had been equipped with new tanks. These beloved British crews participated in the fighting until the end of the African campaign, and they were originally used as cruising. Taking into account the specifics of the theater, the Stewarts were equipped with additional external fuel tanks, large boxes for ammunition and equipment.

In the 1 st and 2 nd tank divisions of the US Army, the M3, M3A1 and M5 were used in North Africa in 1942-1943. As for the M5A1, during the period of the battles in Tunisia they entered service in battalions of light tanks and anti-tank units, where they were used as commanders. At the same time, the “Stuarts” of early modifications were gradually forced out of the combat units.

Up until the end of 1944, they were the only light tanks in the reconnaissance regiments of British tank divisions that fought on the European continent. Widely and successfully these machines were used by the British in Burma against the Japanese.

For the purposes of reconnaissance, the high altitude of the Stewart was clearly not suitable, so the British often removed the turret from the tanks and installed machine guns instead. These cars were called Stuart Recce. In the crazy version, the Stuarts were often used as commander vehicles, armored personnel carriers and artillery tractors. The latter served in the English army until the mid-1950s.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the American light tank M3 Stuart is on level 3. For the class of light tanks, he fully meets the basic requirements and is a scout. It is interesting and fun to play, it allows you to create a feeling of drive.

American light tank M3 Stuart can reach a maximum speed of 61 kilometers per hour. In the online game World Of Tanks in the class of light tanks, this figure is considered quite good. Quickly and dynamically changes positions and moves around the battlefield. The scout from him at level 3 is quite good.

On the American light tank M3 Stuart, you can install one of three guns to choose from. Cannon 20 mm Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun, 37 mm Gun M5 or 37 mm Gun M6. Our choice was a 37 mm Gun M6 tool that penetrates 56 mm of armor.