American light tank T1 Cunningham

The American T1 light tank Cunningham is an experienced light tank T1E1, designed by Cunningham, was a further development of the T1 tank. By April 1928, 4 cars were built. During the tests carried out before November 1928, it was concluded that it was necessary to improve the reservation of the car, which led to the creation of the next modification T1E2.

In an online game, the American light tank T1 Cunningham is on level 1. The whole further branch of the development of American tanks begins with it. By default, this tank is free in the game and at registration you can start developing and pumping further tanks from it.

The American light tank T1 Cunningham can move at a speed of 41 kilometers per hour. Reversing speed is very small and it is gaining very slowly.

Armament Light tank T1 Cunningham is one of the two guns 37 mm Gun M1916 or 37 mm Semiautomatic Gun M1924. The 37 mm Semiautomatic Gun M1924 gun has a loading drum for 5 projectiles, which allows melee to inflict decent damage in a short period of time. But from the shortcomings can be noted a large spread of 100 meters 0.51 meters and speed information, which is 2.50 seconds. Shooting at medium distances is not very comfortable because of the large spread and speed of convergence.