American Light Tank MTLS-1G14

The American light tank MTLS-1G14 was designed by order of the Dutch East Indies. In 1941-1942 years. 125 machines were manufactured. The customer was in demand only 20 pieces. In the battles was not used.

In online game World Of Tanks is on the 3rd level and has the status of elite rare technique. The players got as a gift and task.

A feature of the American light tank MTLS-1G14 is its gun. This is a double-barreled gun that shoots twice when you click on a shot. full recharge is about 5 seconds. Shoot from this gun is comfortable at medium distances. The second projectile usually flies not on a given trajectory, most likely it is related to the impact after the first shot.

The speed and maneuverability of the American light tank MTLS-1G14 is more like the average tanks, and the size is almost the same. The maximum speed is 55 kilometers per hour.

In a whole tank turned out quite fun. Breaks almost all the tanks at their loss, and collides with enemy tanks of 4 levels and then not often.