American light tank T2 Light Tank creation history and review

The prototype of the machine was designed and built by Rock Island Arsenal in 1933. During the development, elements of the chassis and suspension of the British Vickers Mk tank were used. E (Vickers “6-tonner”). Tests of the prototype T2 showed high performance, however, preference was given to the modification T2E1, which turned out to be more adapted to overcome rough terrain.

Even a cursory inspection showed the influence of the British “infantry” tank Vickers Mk E (Vickers-6-ton), which had good commercial success and became the basis for the Soviet T-26 and Polish 7TP. The Americans decided to take from the British car only elements of the chassis and suspension, changing them to their own requirements. The result was an original mixture of the 6-ton “Vickers” and the American experimental T1 tank, which had been rejected earlier. The prototype T2 showed quite encouraging characteristics. However, the T2E1 version, which was tested in April 1934, turned out to be slightly better.

The main difference between these models was the use on T2E1 of a suspension with vertical springs and a common fixed armored cabin. An experimental T3 tank was also built, which received a lower body, and the only 12.7 mm machine gun was located in a small superstructure on the left. The military chose the T2E1 option, which turned out to be more adapted to overcome rough terrain.

In the online game world of tanks, the American T2 Light Tank is at level 2. The tank is a premium rare car. And it was possible to get it in special events, holidays, and certain tasks. Or buy it at a store on the game’s website.

American premium light tank of the second level. Designed for reconnaissance or for swiftly evading the enemy along the flanks, as it has excellent speed. Despite the “cardboard” armor and weak weapons, it has every chance of hitting any enemy that it may encounter, especially using sub-caliber shells.

The main advantages of the tank are its maneuverability, speed and a machine gun equipped with a drum loading mechanism. The maximum speed is 72 km / h, and it is typed in a matter of seconds. This tank can quickly change direction, knocking down the sight of the enemy, and all this with virtually no loss of speed.

Machine gun 20 mm Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun. This is an improved version of the 37 mm Semiautomatic Gun M1924 which was installed on lower level tanks. Unlike her, the machine gun 20 mm Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun has a higher reload speed and information. All penetration of armor by armor-piercing shells is quickly lost with increasing distance to the target. Even from “square” tanks, 20 mm shells usually fly off if the enemy moves or is further than 30 meters.