American light tank M2 Light Tank

American light tank M2 Light Tank began to develop Work in December 1938. The model M2A3 was taken as a basis. The main difference was the installation of a new double turret with more powerful weapons. From May 1940 to March 1941, a total of 365 tanks were launched. In April 1942, 10 additional machines were produced, which were used mainly for training purposes. Part of the tank was transferred to the British Lend-Lease, some tanks were part of the US Marine Corps and took part in hostilities in the Pacific region.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the American light tank M2 Light Tank is on level 2. This light tank has a normal reservation for its class and level. Playing this tank is fun and comfortable. Good movement speed, normal weapon, as well as armor. Among the shortcomings can be identified a poor turning radius at speed, which in turn makes it difficult to turn enemy tanks.

The American light tank M2 Light Tank can reach speeds of up to 58 kilometers per hour. These are good indicators for the class of light tanks. Quickly moves around the battlefield, you can quickly change position and move to a more important place in the event of a breakthrough or support from the allies.

The armament of the American light tank M2 Light Tank is 2 Browning MG caliber .50 HB, M2, 20 mm Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun machine guns and a 37 mm Gun M5 gun. You can install one to choose from. Machine guns are best used in the melee, but the gun can be at medium distances. The penetration of the 37 mm Gun M5 with a projectile is 48 millimeters and inflicts one-time damage of about 40 units.