American light tank T 71 DA

The American light tank T 71 DA is an experimental air-transport tank with a swinging turret and automatic loading. It was developed in 1952-1953. Detroit Arsenal as a replacement for M41. Due to the weakness of weapons, the work was limited to the creation of a wooden model.

In the computer game World of Tanks, the American light tank T 71 DA is at level 7. In my opinion, one of the best at its level.

The American light tank T 71 DA has a drum loading ammunition, in the drum can be 6 shells.

Maneuverability is good enough and probably the best at its level, it makes it easy to spin an enemy tank. The speed is about 64 kilometers per hour.

Overview of the light tank T 71 DA is also comfortable, with the full pumping of the crew with the equipment is 471, and if the fire extinguisher is put in a box of cola, then all 493 meters. It is difficult to notice several enemy tanks that stand in the bushes, such as the German f-sauna E-25.

The armor is almost gone, the light tank T 71 DA is a scout, not a tank for pushing defense. The main task of the player who plays on this tank is to shine. And shoot at medium distances and only making sure that the enemy tank without a cover can begin to act. In the near distance, it is necessary to twist the enemy and discharge the drum, then go to a safe place to recharge the drum.