Darksburg action about the survival of people or the hunt for survivors.

Darksburg is a zombie action game with the ability to play with teams of other players. The developers of the game is the studio Shiro Games. The game goes into early access on February 12, 2020. The game can be called analogues of the Dota 2 and Diablo games.

Players will have to enter on one of the sides, survivors or zombies. At the same time, on each side you can control one of the four available characters, in early access. And each character has his own abilities and skills.

The game takes place in a city that is filled with zombies. During the Middle Ages, when swords and axes were forged. Players in the team need to destroy the zombies and defeat their leader. And to make it not easy, the game has a different team of players on the other side. True, the characters on the side of the zombies are not very strong in relation to the survivors, but this can only be done in early access. In the meantime, they can complicate the completion of the location for survivors.

On each side are the same classes of fighters, but with different abilities. The classes available to control are tank, mage, warrior, and shooter. For survivors, activation of abilities builds up over time, as does the side of the undead.

The following characters are available on the side of the surviving people, some abilities are not yet known:

  • Abigail.

This is a kind of magician – a nun who is armed with a staff and attacks enemies in close combat. There is the ability to attack enemies with a powerful sunbeam.

  • Rundolf.

A born warrior, armed with a large two-handed weapon, “Scoop” and attacks enemies in close combat. Able to attack over the area in the radius of its action.

  • Varag.

Werewolf, which belongs to the class of tanks. Able to rush into the thick of zombies and take on the main attack. Can block enemy attacks with a shield.

  • Rose.

He is a ranged character armed with a crossbow. Has the ability to stun enemies with an arrow.

About the undead.

Players on the undead side start the game from the same place as the ghost survivors. In a ghostly guise, they are not visible to surviving people and can quickly move over distances. But the undead player in the ghostly guise of survivors can see, which in turn makes it easier to ambush. But their characters outside the ghostly form are slow in the visibility of the surviving people.

The undead have 5 characters at their disposal, since when they are killed they are reborn for a new one. And one character, as it were, is reserve. When the first zombie character dies, he will get a backup character and so on.

On the undead side, the following early access characters are available:

  • The Raven Master.

This character is a mage. Armed with a stick on which the cage is attached. Mostly strikes in close combat.

  • The Executioner.

This is a class war. Major melee attacks. There is the ability to use a harpoon that attracts caught survivors. Unlike the harpoon, which is in Dota, this one slowly attracts the caught. And survivors can have time to save their comrade.

  • The Fishmonger.

Ranged wars, armed with an arrow. Can throw a net that catches about immobilizing surviving people. May throw an arrow.

  • The Brute.

Tank class fighter. When he is rocked, he has many strength points.

  • The Burning Witch.

You can also consider him a magician and is a fiery fighter. Can attack survivors with fire at short range.

Undead have a chip. They accumulate a special scale for activating abilities, which allows you to summon zombies and strengthen them. This special scale accumulates on successful attacks and is available to activate the ability. Summon zombies only in dark places where there is poor lighting.