Stranded Deep action and RTS strategy about survival on a desert island

Stranded Deep is a new game about character survival, but this time on a desert island. Players are given the opportunity to feel like Robinson Crusoe on randomly generated worlds. Beam Team Games is working on the development of the game, which plans to release the game in early access in 2020. Previously, the game was supposed to be released in 2019, but due to circumstances it was postponed.

So far, the game is planned to be released on console platforms. But perhaps in the future the game may appear on computers. An action game with elements of the RTS strategy has been completed. In the game, you can build and erect various buildings that increase the survival of the protagonist.

About the plot.

Our main character was a wealthy and wealthy citizen who flew to the next negotiations. But the plane crashed in the air and a plane crash occurred. To the part he managed to survive and get to the uninhabited island. Where he has to found his settlement and survive.

About the gameplay.

Of the available tools, this is practically all that he can fall into the hands of. Thanks to which he will be able to secure his living and survival. We will have to recall the lessons of the rangers and collect the essential tools to provide themselves with food and overnight.

In order to reflect a deeper sense of the game, the character has indicators responsible for his life abilities. The character needs to monitor his hunger, health, thirst and sleep. All these indicators, of course, need to be kept at a good level.

To maintain satiety, you can collect coconut from trees and hunt animals and marine life. And for cooking, you can light a fire.

On the island you can collect almost everything that comes to hand. Stones, trees, plants are the first these are the first parts for creating final objects. For example, from them you can create weapons or livelihoods, such as a tent.

One island can not do. There are several islands in the vast ocean. Which of course you want to sail and explore, and for one collect the necessary items. But sailing to another island is better prepared, since there may be a thunderstorm on the way. Which can spoil the hero’s health.

About the danger.

But it will not do without enemies. Even in a deserted place, a person can face the dangers of the world. Its inhabitants are animals that, as their instinct, can attack our character. And he is better off carrying some kind of weapon in the form of an ax to save his life.

The environment also has an appropriate level of hazard. Since hurricanes and heavy rains can harm the health of our hero. To do this, you will have to try to build a good hut that will be able to withstand such problems.

You can explore not only the island itself, but also the terrain of the coastal ocean. Where you can find sunken ships and find valuable things there. But such places are surrounded by sharks, which can also pose a danger to our character.