Soviet light tank T -50-2 premium

The Soviet light tank T-50-2 is a modification of the T-50, produced at the Kirov factory. The tank was produced in a single copy, and differed from its prototype only by a modified hull. This model was mainly used to participate in the battles of Leningrad.

Immediately before the beginning of World War II, the question of installing a more powerful 57- or 76-mm cannon in the T-50, as well as turning it into an anti-aircraft tank by installing a new tower with a 25-mm automatic anti-aircraft gun mod. 1940. In connection with the outbreak of war, all work on these projects was discontinued and did not leave the stage of rough sketches and drafts.

The Soviet light tank T-50-2 was removed from World of Tanks several years ago due to historical inaccuracy. Its characteristics in the game far exceeded the real ones. However, in 2018, with the upgrade, the tank was returned, making small changes in its capabilities. In addition, the game developers sent thank-you letters inside the game, to which the T-50-2 tank was attached, to those users who were registered during the time period when this tank was still in the game.

T-50-2 is at level 6, belongs to the nation of the USSR. The tank belongs to the class of premium. That is, for each battle with this machine the player will get more experience, and during the battle – the possibility of using some advantages.

The maximum speed is 65 km / h. He is quite agile and mobile, which allows him to quickly and efficiently move around the battlefield, reporting to his allies information about the location of enemies.

A 57 mm ZIS-4T gun can be mounted on the hull, to which 3 types of ammunition are given. Each of them differ in cost, damage and damage zone. So you should choose them based on your own style of play. The gun has a high armor penetrability and damage, so that the tank can not only play the role of a scout, but also quite effectively show itself in battle.