Heroes & Generals game about the second world war for weak computers.

Heroes & Generals is a multiplayer first-person shooter from Reto-moto. The theme of the game was chosen World War II. The project saw the light in 2014.

This game is a familiar team shooter in which the two sides are fighting for the seizure or for superiority on the map. The game has 3 sides: the USSR, the USA and Germany. Unlike other shooters, here you have to buy fighters in your army. Each warrior has his own skills, which are also pumped for the currency.

Of the many shooters on the Second World War, only one allows the player to try on the role of the general – Heroes & Generals. Military action takes place in Europe. The roles of generals in Heroes & Generals are needed to optimize the fighting. Firstly, the Heroes & Generals strategic map is large, there are many battles at once, and not everyone can keep track of everyone. Secondly, the availability of the booster, its size and waiting time depends on the development of the supply lines. Finally, thirdly, the general can simply decide that it is your particular battle that is not the most important right now, which means you will be left to the mercy of fate. What to do, this is war. Swallow the offense and fight on … or become the best general.

Despite the presence of tactical and strategic elements in the game, Heroes & Generals is an action game. The outcome of the battle will not depend on the alignment of forces or proper pumping, but on the personal skills of each of the players.