Heroes & Generals video compilation 04/25/19

In my opinion, the soldiers of the Soviet Union put up serious resistance in Lainah’s defense, but in the course of fierce fighting, the American forces managed to keep key objects.

In defense of the city of Kolding, American forces clashed with the German army. Despite the fact that the German army used armored vehicles, the Americans still managed to hold key positions in the city, as well as capture the last landing points of the German forces.

In the location of the American defense of the city Feuchtwangen, fierce resistance occurred with the German troops. Now and then they intercepted both the control points and the key control objects from each other. During the event, the Americans managed to repel the captured main object from the enemy and hold it. During which the battle was won by the American army.

In the storming of Korbach, American forces were to capture the main control object. But during the fierce battle where the German army used armored vehicles, the Americans failed to do this and the battle was lost.