heroes and generals update 1.18 elite groups and much more

Recently, developers are actively improving the game and adding new elements and features. This update 1.18 was released on March 31, 2020.

As part of this update, they added:

  • Elite groups.

Now the player is given the opportunity to choose special groups according to their experience. And the opportunity to fight with the best of the best.

Previously, all fights were by default and the experience of the players was not taken into account, which created a number of difficulties.

On the one hand, players with not pumped weapons and experience quickly merged and lost the battle. Subsequently, he again had to look for suitable battlefields, and in some cases he had to wait a long time.

On the other hand, it was difficult to play, but it all depended on a series of circumstances. And one of them is the balance of players with a certain experience. Play against a strong opponent, with good weapons was more interesting.

  • Part of the interface has changed.

In the upper corner of the screen, where the indicators of points for capture are located, a indicator of loading of capture points has now appeared. It shows how much time is left for a complete loss of control of the position.

Previously, only point indicators were displayed.

  • Improved anti-aircraft guns.

This update improved anti-aircraft guns, which were located around the perimeter from the control point. In the event of an air attack, it is easier to keep the defense, since being at the helm of the anti-aircraft guns has an extended view.

Previously, in the sight mode in the center of the screen, you could see only not a large overview, but the entire remaining window was black. And in order to at least somehow detect aerial targets, I had to leave the aiming mode. Or even get out of the anti-aircraft gun, and then again sit at the helm, after the discovery of enemy aircraft.

  • Trucks can be painted.

In this update, the trucks have become more beautiful and unique because of the ability to apply special drawings to them.

Previously, this was not possible. The army is an army and the standard army color was applied.

In previous updates 1.16.2

The developers have made an interesting improvement regarding weapons, but not theirs, but trophy ones. Which can be captured from the victorious enemy ate a battle. But such a weapon has a number of fines.

  • Trophy weapons.

During the battle, the player can capture enemy weapons. And if you shoot from the weapons of another nation for some time, you get the opportunity to buy it. In this case, you can see the progress of using these weapons.

Unlock for purchase opens when you reach rank 9 of the possession of these weapons. But it all depends on the weapon itself and the rank may be different.

Penalties for possession of captured weapons.

– The purchase price of such weapons is 4-6 times higher than the usual price when buying it playing this nation.

– Captured weapons cannot be upgraded. Except when the captured weapon is already upgraded.

– Service of captured weapons is 15% higher than usual.

In update 1.17.1, they improved the shooting system.

The rate and aiming accuracy of shooting is affected by the endurance indicator. For each weapon, three primary colors are introduced: Yellow, Green and Blue.

Yellow is the same for most weapons. And then how hardy the soldier is, the cursor of movement and turns changes from this. Later it will affect the accuracy of shooting.

Green indicates return.

Blue is the color of the start of shooting. And as the queue constantly changes color, the trajectory of the bullet and recoil.