Predator Hunting Grounds Who Who Predator or Special Forces

Predator Hunting Grounds is a first-person action movie from IllFonic. The developers in their creation tried to realize all the charms that we had previously seen in the film about “Predator”. The game is focused on cooperative passage.

And this time, another “Predator” by the name of “Yautzha” entered the planet earth to search for a better rival. And to confront and reflect the plans of the “Alien” was sent a detachment of special forces “Voodoo-1” of four people. That’s just the special forces were not tasked with finding the “Predator”. Since earthlings did not know about his arrival. In the jungle they have to confront each other.

Special forces may be given the usual tasks of finding and stealing documents or destroying some militants. But in the process of the standard execution of a task from the leadership, they meet in their way a dangerous opponent from another planet.

For the special forces to be able to win this battle, they need to go through the entire chain of tasks and get out of the danger zone by helicopter. You can also fight with an alien and defeat him, but for this you need to attack all members of the squad. And the reward may be different and depend on the successful completion of missions. And if they could defeat the “Predator” and at the same time save its body for study by scientists, then you can get even more experience and game credits.

Credits received while playing for special forces can be spent on equipment. And the experience gained after the battle can be spent on improving the detachment. For example, increase its disguise.

If you play for the “Predator”, then his goal is to defeat all members of the special forces. The game will be interesting when you “Predator” jump from tree to tree. And the game itself is more flexible and diverse. The view from the top will open more overview and simplify the search for the right special forces. The main weapon of the “Predator” is close combat and having entered the fray, a single commando has almost no chance. You can also throw off the net and immobilize the victim. But the “Shoulder Cannon”, as in the film is not very effective.

“Predator” also after successful completion of the task is pumped and can improve their abilities and weapons. And there are several classes, but so far only one is open.

The game itself can go very quickly if you find contact with an enemy unit. The “Predator” is simple, fast and swift attack. Try to sculpt the lagging members of the squad. Attack from the top, jumping from the trees right into the thick of special forces. And move fast except for targeted attacks. But if all the special forces are nearby, a successful victory will be difficult, they simply flood the “Predator” with bullets from weapons.

But the special forces in this case is not easy. Not only are the tasks different and can separate the squad, in addition movement is only possible on the ground. To attack the “Predator” you need to be at once and be near, but alone there is practically no chance. Having leveled up, with good weapons can be easier, but the Predator can be at the same level.

Starting each time the game, special forces are given different tasks, which increases interest in the game and makes it diverse.