New World is an RPG where a special bias is placed on equipment

At the moment, is a unique RPG in which a special bias is made on equipment and weapons. Amazon Game Studios is planning to release the game in 2020. The games have been tested by players for about a year now and the developers have managed to draw many conclusions and decisions to improve the game, which is being gradually developed.

The game process itself is more reminiscent of Action, as the player will need to use elements of evasion and blocking attacks. The player will be required special skill beyond the technical characteristics of the character. For example, the enemy still needs to be hit, both from small arms so near.

The game also has such a weapon that is both near and far. Hatchets can be thrown at the enemy while he is attacking, and when approaching you can attack like a normal melee weapon. And several types of attacks are available.

In the process of passing the game, the characters can be different class. And you can change the character class using equipment. To do this, you will need to wear appropriate equipment. For example, if you wear a shield and a sword, then the character will be considered a “Tank”. And armor also combines these classes. Thus, the player gets the opportunity to upgrade his one character and at the same time apply different tactics and game styles.

But the type of weapon that the battle takes place is pumped. And the more they participated in the battles of a particular class, this class will have more power.

One of the improvements concerned participation in PvP modes. Where players can compete with each other and fight. In the early version, beginners faced big problems from more pumped high-level players. Because of what, the balance was a little unfair and beginners had to rely on luck and luck, where they hoped not to meet with strong opponents.

Players who attacked other players could receive only a fine in the form of “Mark of the criminal”. This penalty could only be seen if a player with such a penalty was defeated by another or other players. The penalty concerned equipment and weapons, after the defeat the player lost equipment and items, including those that are in the inventory. But if the “Criminal” kills a peaceful character, then he will lose things only those that are in the inventory.

After refinement, the developers changed this approach to the game. And they did separate PvP battles of 50 to 50 people as part of the faction battles for the territory. And the battles will take place in the form of defense and attack on the castle. But in the beginning there is a statement of the participants. Faction castles can improve, as well as attacking parties, their attack tools. The siege weapons, towers and all that are subject to improvement.