SnowRunner is a new simulator of the good old Trucker

Over the game, SnowRunner worked studio Saber Interactive, which plans to release the game in April 2020. At the moment, many interesting and improved physicists in the game have already been implemented. Very well thought out and implemented off-road routes. Overcoming that is a very interesting process.

According to the stories of the developers, they provided the players with a large number of maps in the regions of the USA and Russia with different climatic and weather conditions. For which it will gently select and configure the appropriate transport for the task.

The player is a kind of manager of the transport company, where he personally can drive the wheel of his car and begin the implementation of transportation contracts. In addition to the usual trucker functions, the players can access the command mode on the global map, where you can plan travel routes and build roads and bridges to fulfill complex contracts.

In total, about 40 vehicles of various classes are currently available. Each vehicle is subject to improvement and modernization. Almost all elements of the machine can be improved for more successful passage through a complex territory. For example, if you increase the clearance and install special tires, you can increase the patency on the road with dirt. And if you install a chain on the tires, it increases the permeability of the snowy territory.

But physics must be taken into account, and even in well-equipped vehicles there is a risk of overturning, falling from a bridge or abyss. Players will have to get used to and understand the transport on which they complete the task. And it is possible that the task can be performed repeatedly in case of failure.


You can download, buy the game from an official representative:

SnowRunner (PS4)

SnowRunner (Xbox One)