SnowRunner game tips that will help bring a lot of fun and get armored personnel carriers

SnowRunner is a game about the life of truckers who work overcoming dangerous and difficult passable sections of the road. Which carry out contracts for the transport of goods and supply strategic territories with the necessary food. Players will have to be in their place and see how the workdays of tough men on off-road trucks go.

At the very beginning of the game you need to open the map using the observation towers. In order for the card to open, you need to get to the observation tower and the site that was closed will open. Thus, you can see the terrain and roads. And then on the map pave the way to the right place for the job. It’s better to immediately open the whole map.

The first thing you need to do is search and collect free vehicles that are in different parts of the map. Found cars must be brought to the garage. After there are several cars in the garage, you can take tasks for transportation or delivery of goods.

About quick money making.

We do not recommend selling the found cars right away, since you can sell a broken car at the price of a new one. And this suggests that you can simply save money on vehicle repairs. And if it’s time to sell, then you need to start with the worst option.

When completing the task, you need to pay attention to the area in which you are already approximately oriented. Such contracts can be caught where there are not many gas stations, so it will be very important to monitor the fuel. And choose a vehicle that consumes not a large amount of fuel and there are spare fuel tanks on it. And when moving on a regular road, drive with all-wheel drive off.

Use all-wheel drive as necessary in a difficult passable place. So you can increase the speed of passage and save time on delivery of goods.

When the first truck appears, you need to buy a trailer for it. Thus, fuel and time for cargo delivery can be saved. Since the number of delivery times will decrease with the trailer and you won’t have to return a second time to complete the contract. You can take two contracts at once. It is important to note that trailers are better to hook on all-wheel drive trucks.

Tips for overcoming difficult roads.

Each type of transport is pumped as you progress through the game. The very first thing you need to install a winch and pay attention to the wheels. It is a certain type of wheels that will help to overcome bad roads and marshlands. In second place, we will single out the suspension, since ordinary passenger vehicles are already jeeps. And jeeps already have a suspension that allows you to pass the mud sections of the road.

With a winch, everything seems to be clear. With it, you can catch on sites when they are stuck in the mud. Attach to your desired load to fulfill the contract or another machine.

If you still find yourself in a difficult situation and your car is stuck in the mud, then you must immediately turn on all-wheel drive. Moving forward, you need to smoothly maneuver the steering wheel in different directions. First drive one way, and then the other way. Thus, you can even get out of a difficult place. If you hold the steering wheel straight and press on the gas, then the car may simply not move forward. A backward movement is highly undesirable.

Tips for purchasing valuable types of cars at the very beginning of the game.

At the start of the game, these machines will help you successfully complete tasks and quickly earn money. Since their patency on difficult roads is at a good level.

  • Kamaz (AZOV).

This is a truck with 8 wheels with good cross-country ability and carrying capacity. Among the shortcomings of the machine, its low speed can be distinguished. But if you take into account its main purpose, it is to wade through difficult terrain and swamps, then in this case the car is just right. And in other cases, where you need to deliver the goods and road sections in good condition, it is better to take a regular good SUV.

This miracle is located in the Taimyr location on the Swamp map. To get it you just need to go to the first “Garage” on this card and go to the “Shop”. This miracle KamAZ (AZOV) costs only 94 800 money.

And you can earn that kind of money right on the first Michigan location on the Black River map. And just look and collect all the vehicles on the map that are available. Along the way, you can perform some tasks. After that, found cars can be sold and earned about 110,000 money on them.

So you sold most of the cars on the Black River card and scored the desired amount of money in 95,000 units. After that, you can safely go to the Taimyr location on the Swamp map and pick up your Kamaz truck (AZOV) at a local store.

Passing tasks on Kamaz (AZOV) in the first location of “Michigan” should be simple and there should be no major complications. Keep an eye on the fuel and choose short routes, as mentioned above, the advantage of this car in its cross-country ability.

  • TUZ 420 “Tatarin” (BTR).

To become the owner of this gorgeous monster you just need to get to its location. You don’t have to buy it, it just stands in the middle of the forest and is still in good condition. And it is located in the Taimyr location on the Zimnegorsk map. In this case, you will have to complete several contracts in other locations.

In the same location “Taimyr” you need to fulfill the contracts on the map “Swamps”, it is “Over the horizon” and “Exploration work”. After fulfilling these contracts, the road will open onto the Career card, which you need to get to the next Zimnegorsk card.

Once on the “Quarry” card, you need to immediately call in at the gas station and fill the vehicle with fuel. Further actions depend on your interests, you can first open a map at the observation towers or immediately go along the asphalt road.

It is better to ride a jeep or UAZ, as in the middle of the road section there is a blockage and you can drive on it. The bypass road is very complicated and not every truck can overcome and drive in a short period of time.

Having passed the “Quarry” card and once in “Zimnegorsk”, you can open the card driving up to the towers or immediately go to the upper left part of the map to the factory. Not far from this plant on the mountain is our handsome all-terrain vehicle TUZ 420 “Tatarin” (BTR).

Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish its voracity of 20 liters of fuel per minute. But it is possible to install spare tanks of 180 liters. And the rest, it’s just not an interchangeable tractor that can drive through almost all marshy areas, which can be obtained absolutely free.

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