snowrunner the best cars on the maps and how to get them

Snow runner is a game about the difficult work of cars in rough terrain. The developers brought into the game two countries of the USA and Russia. Where you can approximately see the work of truckers in large state-owned companies that are engaged in the extraction of resources.

In the game, transport has several types from light to heavy vehicles and each is designed for its own certain tasks:

  • Scout class cars.

This is a light transport, which in most cases is intended for reconnaissance. And in an extreme case, as a tractor, not too large loads. Cars mainly rely on speed and mobility, as well as low fuel consumption. The low weight of cars also plays a good role in certain cases.

There are cars of the Scout class and slightly larger and more powerful ones that consume a large amount of fuel in comparison with the smaller Scouts. You need to use them for reconnaissance and obtaining “Improvements”, transportation and towing cars.

You can take on tasks to tow a trailer. Of course you need to consider the terrain on which you have to move. Or use as a repair and refueling agent. Since there are corresponding modifications.

As a result, having one or better two Scout vehicles in the garage makes a lot of sense.

The best cars of the Scout class, which are on the map.

Two models stand out from the Russian mode of transport. These are Gas 69 (TUZ 166) and armored personnel carriers (TUZ 420 Tatarin). All these cars can be easily found on the map.

BTR (TUZ 420 Tatarin).

In order to become the owner of this cool car you need to complete two contracts in the Taimyr location, on the Swamp map. Over the horizon and exploration contracts. Having completed these contracts, the road to the Quarry map will open. Which you need to drive along the road in a light SUV to the Zimnegorsk map.

This chic transport is just on the map in good condition. And you do not need to buy it, and having received it you can easily pass difficult sections of the road.

Located in the upper right part of the map, not far from an industrial building. Once at the industrial building, you need to make a path towards the forest in the upper right part of the map. It is worth this handsome man waiting for you on a mountain in the middle of the forest.

Gas 69 (TUZ 166).

To get the opportunity to get Gas 69 (TUZ 166) you need to take the task “Lost in the rocks.” The essence of the task includes transportation of the machine and delivery to the repair station.

And the car itself is located in the center of the map, among stones and cobblestones. The passage to it is not large, so it is better to take a suitable transport not of a large size with cross-country features. In addition, you need to take a repair kit and fuel cans.

Arriving at the place you need to try to get it out of there and not fall into the cliff. The cobblestones will be a hindrance to the drive, and it will not work to turn around next to Gas 69 (TUZ 166). There are mountains on both sides and it will be necessary to reverse immediately to drive down to the car.

Before transportation, it must be repaired and refueled. And transport along the big road below.

In stock, the machine is able to overcome not large difficult sections of the road with dirt. And in a pumped form, a marshland calmly passes through. As a result, for the implementation of a simple contract, not counting the large stones next to it, you can get an excellent “Scout”.

Scout 800.

You can open this car in the location “Michigan” (USA) on the “Black River” map. More specifically, in the area of ​​transition to the Smithville Dam near the house on top of the mountain. The path can be laid from the “City warehouse”, the road is normal and you can drive on an ordinary scout.

After you got such a scout, you need to pump it. In the usual form, there are few advantages, but in the pumped one, it is able to pass even marshy areas. In addition, you can install additional modules with a repair kit and additional fuel.

If you compare the Scout 800 with the Hummer. Scout 800 will be better due to its small weight and will not be buried in the mud and swamp. But Hummer because of its weight can not drive through marshland and a lot of dirt. And this despite the fact that their wheels are the same.

  • Off road transport.

These modes of transport can be used in the role of a Scout, only more powerful and passable. Of the shortcomings compared to the “Skates” is fuel. They eat fuel very well, but they allow you to move around very difficult terrain without any problems.

Perhaps in some cases it is SUVs that are used to get “Improvements” on the maps. As well as the delivery of repair parts and fuel to larger vehicles.

You can modify very good and passable wheels, increase the suspension and put additional repair kits with fuel tanks. Thanks to this, you can travel long distances and easily execute contracts within this class.

In our opinion, the best all-terrain vehicle that is on the map is:

Royal BM 17.

This technique is already good at the initial stock form. But after improvements, the truck shows excellent results and can be used on almost any contract. You can engage in the transport of goods or use as a tractor.

You can find it in the location of Alaska on the map of the “Northern Port”. You can get there on any Scout with a repair kit and chains on wheels. From the garage on the map you need to go right along the road to the other lower end of the map.

The engine is powerful enough in combination with low fuel consumption. And from the modules you can install almost everything, including a crane and a seismic vibrator (for geological exploration).

  • Trucks.

It is considered a standard mode of transport in working conditions and making money. Most modifications can be installed on it, such as bodies, repair shops, tanks and so on.

In its off-road indicator it has an average value. And perhaps the key points they have is the choice of tires or wheels. Based on the terrain, you need to try to select the wheels that are most suitable for the task.

And they can carry out almost any task from the delivery of ordinary medium-sized goods to the transportation of small broken equipment. Using these machines, you can also build bridges by installing special equipment. And you will need trailers that are located on the map, some are already filled with the necessary materials.

To move around the territory of “Alaska” you need to install wheels with “Chains”. So you can improve patency in these areas.

  • Heavy transport.

The weaknesses of these large machines are low speed and decent fuel consumption. The fuel tank is certainly roomy, but in some cases it may not be enough. On such maps, where there are few gas stations.

Such vehicles cannot attach some trailers to themselves because of their size. It is recommended to use it under certain contracts, since such machines are intended for them. Another type of transport may simply not be able to fulfill the contract.

Thanks to modifications and large wheels even swamps can pass.

The best available vehicle for sale, located on the map from the “Heavy” class.

Pancific P16.

It is located in the location “Michigan” on the map “Drummond Island”. And becoming the owner of this wonderful heavy truck is not easy. In addition, it is located at the other end from the entry points to the map.

Since in one direction part of the map is cut off, and it’s impossible to drive through the gap. And there is no way to build a bridge, in our case. If you go from Smithville Dam immediately to Drummond Island.

And in another case, travel is possible, but you will have to go bypass, which complicates and increases the time. Despite the fact that there are few gas stations. This is the path from Smithville Dam through the Island Lake map to the Drummond Island map.

The best way to get around is to take an all-terrain vehicle and some small fuel trailer. Since there are big problems with gas stations, they are simply few. In this case, if you pass the Island Lake map, you can immediately get to the bottom of the Drummond Island map. And then there is already a road to the truck.

The truck is in good technical condition and can simply be delivered to the garage. In our case, it is possible to install stock wheels on it and we did not have others. Of course, there will not be much sense in this off-road truck from this truck. But it costs 141,700 and if you want, you can simply sell it and buy something better.

From the good points, he can tow different trailers. If only the road area is consistent. And there are not many wheels for him. And based on this, the truck is more likely for sale.

  • Large road transport.

It can be called an analogue of the “Truck” with a number of disadvantages, since not all “Highway” cars have four-wheel drive and differential. They are gaining normal speed, but to solve problems on the road is problematic.

This type of transport can be used to replace the “Truck” in the territory of “Alaska”. If you install chains on wheels. And in the game it is considered a rare mode of transport.

Answers to our fans:

How to save the car on which they drove when they found:

To do this, you need to bring the car to the garage. Where is the yellow square indicated.

Another way is through the menu. To do this, find the tab in the lower right corner of the “Evacuate”. And the car found will be in the garage, if in good condition.