Last Oasis online about desert survival on wooden cars

Last Oasis is a game about how humanity survives on planet earth on which a cataclysm occurred. The remaining survivors are forced to fight and be in constant motion. Since cold reigns on one side of the earth and intense heat on the other. And the surviving people have to be somewhere between the vertical equator. In a temperate climate where fertile lands flourish and there is ordinary life in places of oases.

In survival, dangers can wait on every path. On the one hand, ordinary inhabitants of the planet and different creatures, on the other, the same players trying to survive. Far from the fertile lands of oases, where desert expanses begin, dangerous huge worms and snakes live. Which are able to destroy even the most equipped transport ship. And to avoid crossing in this area does not work. Since in the same place resources are exhausted and it is required to look for new sources of resources.

And the most necessary in the process of survival in humans is transport. You can build an initial base, such as houses and special wind machines. Moreover, the main resource for construction is wood. From which you can build a base and vehicle. But if you look at the game more strategically, then perhaps a house with the ability to move will be the most suitable. Since in case of dangerous climatic conditions, you can quickly get away from danger.

The characters, in addition to searching for the resources of the tree for the construction of an advanced and powerful machine, need to look for food resources. You can find them on fertile land, where trees and grass grow. These territories are dangerous on the part of local inhabitants and other players, since they also require food resources.

The need to feed the character is indicated by a special indicator in the lower left corner. In total, at the moment there are three indicators: this is an indicator of the need for water, the character’s life, and the character’s endurance. The stamina of the character decreases when he begins to quickly move to run or to accelerate the transport on which he moves.

The characters themselves are somewhat similar to a spider-man. Since a special device is attached to the hand, which releases an arrow with a rope and the character rises on it to a hill or to transport.

The combat system is a third-person action game. This is mainly melee battles, but you can build yourself a cannon shooting arrows. Almost all combat vehicles are armed with weapons that they themselves have made, but can board and engage in close combat. In close combat, they also use different weapons that they could make themselves, these are axes, sticks and so on. The winners of the battle receive resources.

You can play alone, but it is easier to survive in cooperative mode or with the support of a friend. It’s faster to collect resources and build a settlement, as well as easier to defend against attacks. Most likely, the factions and clans that players will join will be more stable.

At the moment, the main fuel with which the movement of transport and special factory machines is produced is wind. The stronger and better the wind, the faster the parts are produced and the transport moves faster.

Last Oasis is an online game and for it developers have launched special servers. And it is possible that the game will be further developed and improved as it develops. And perhaps primitive fuel in the form of air will also be improved. For example, the energy of the sun, through solar panels, but how it will be realized is not yet known.

It is also not clear whether the cold part of the map can be used for the game in the future. Since there it may be necessary to be in warm clothes and have the appropriate technology. But at the moment, the players can access the warm side of the earth.


64-bit processor and operating system required
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 770, AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Disk Space: 40 GB