Soviet heavy tank IS-3

The Soviet IS-3 heavy tank began to be developed at the end of the summer of 1944, taking into account the results of studies of the nature of combat damage to tanks. Creating a draft of a new heavy tank had the code name “Kirovets 1”. The reason for the creation of the new tank was the research results of the research team of the IV Stalin Military Academy of Mechanization and Motorization (VAMM), led by engineer Colonel A. Zavyalov, who studied the damage caused by shell attacks into tanks at tank battle sites. It turned out that not all parts of the tower and the corps are affected equally. The highest probability of destruction was at the frontal parts of the tower and the hull, while the number of hits in the tower was greatest. The answer to the results of these studies was the project of the new tank.

The main feature of the project IS-3, proposed by the serial plant, was the original flat tower with a 122 mm D 25 gun, developed by the designer GV Kruchenykh. Large angles of inclination of the armored walls of the turret contributed to the ricochet of armor-piercing shells, and the successful internal layout ensured its minimum dimensions, which made it possible to increase the thickness of the frontal armor to 250 mm without excessive weighting.

The Soviet heavy tank IS-3 has a welded hull with front sheets mounted with a double tilt at a large angle to the vertical. Mechanic driver was located in front of the axis of the car. Hemispherical cast tower with a double oval hatch. Anti-aircraft machine gun installation machine DShK.

From spring 1945 to mid-1946, 2311 units were manufactured. Of these, until the end of World War II – 29 pieces. The IS tanks 3 did not take part in the hostilities of the Great Patriotic War. On September 7, 1945, a parade of Allied forces took place in Berlin in honor of the end of the Second World War. The 71st Guards Heavy Tank Regiment, equipped with IS tanks 3, took part in it. During this period, IS 3 was delivered to heavy tank self-propelled regiments of the Soviet Army, where they were operated until the 70s.

In the World of Tanks online game, the Soviet heavy tank IS-3 is at level 8. This is a fairly versatile unit! Strong, powerful, beautiful. It is a paradise island at all your favorite level 8 to the cherished dozens of IS-7. The IS-3 version gives the player everything that can be presented on the battlefields of World of Tanks: the game refers to armor figures, hot and hellish gunfights, nimble and dangerous maneuvers.

However, the car is most comfortable adapted for close combat:

Her 1 problem is the radius of view (350 meters). It speaks about its impossibility to “shine” enemies earlier than they! Therefore, to receive damage to the first or to hear the sounds of ricochets on the way to the cherished point .. a common thing. But do not be sad! A heavy tank has a monstrous engine for its type. 14 horses per ton, maximum forward speed of 38 km / h. All of these indicators make most of the TTs in the game level swallow dust. The whole dynamic is not just useful. It’s not even the blindness of his review.

After all, 2 problem in his powerful weapons. The circle of information is as wide as the famous Russian soul. And one has only to start off, as the circle of sight expands to the full screen, and comes down so long that the drum rivals have time to shoot 2 times. The scatter here is also not the best: just shooting from a distance is extremely rare, in fact, as is sometimes close. Blame the Soviet tradition.

But it’s not scary. Fortunately, there is equipment (reinforced aiming drives, a stabilizer and a projectile charging device) that smooths trouble to an acceptable level. For in melee it is not so important. After all, the main instrument of the storm of all! Punches 225 mm of steel base projectile and gives 390 average damage. Solid, is not it? Even the strongest guys will start crawling out of such numbers in fear. And even dozens will receive tickets to the hangar from the improved IS-3 projectiles, with 260 mm of breakdowns the strongest head-ons (e100, 121, etc.) are taken not difficult.

And if the cardboard rival, then a mine from the vent of the Three will blow the soul out of the enemy up to 600 units.The ideal tactical environment for this heavy tank IS-3 – urban streets. Fish in the water is not as good as the IS-3 in the city. The weapon of mass destruction, mobility and armor frontal projection give confidence in their abilities.

But we should not forget about the weak nuances of it:

The first is the top of the gun on the turret. Only snipers will get there, but damage will pass from any caliber, because there is only 20 mm of armor. So fearlessly standing in the window is still not worth it.

His second pike nose. Sounds weird. After all, the designers of the USSR took into account all the shortcomings of military operations. However, the design of the forehead allows you to take damage if you rotate the body (relative to the straight line of motion) and move around the corner below. Here the dignity of the famous pike, perfectly saving in the clinch, turns into a disadvantage.
But thanks to this, each tanker will learn the great ability to play a diamond in the Tanks game!

The IS-3 has one of the best sides in the game. The plates on the sides defy even the most terrible weapons – ISU-152 and jagdtiger e100! But shoot with this, alas, will not work. The tower is located on the bow of the tank .. and it is safe to shoot, alas, and oh, it is impossible. When you leave the corner for a shot, the weak spot of the cheek opens, if you leave a diamond. Do not despair, because the mechanics and sleight of hand came up with a “reverse diamond”, which allows the lack of location of the tower to turn into dignity! Substituting the impenetrable side of the opponent and at the same time to conduct aimed fire under a squall storm on his own skin. That’s cool! But the main thing is to feel the edge and the angle to which the body can be turned painlessly. As a result, a heavy tank IS-3 and withstands damage and shoots. Is it a dream?

And having collected all advantages in one, the IS-3 is a universal machine by right: speed, and armor, and damage. And it works! It is this secret that makes him the star of tank battles, GK, team battles.
And very few people can replace it at level 8. And if you use it correctly in the game, its good and not so good sides of the game will not take long and will give 3 stars on the trunk!