American anti-tank self-propelled gun T 56 GMC

The American anti-tank self-propelled gun T 56 GMC was developed on the basis of the chassis of the light tank M3A3 Stuart and was launched in September 1942. Tank Stuart was very popular in the years 1941-1942 from the United States. Based on this, the command decided to put a three-inch gun on the light tank chassis. In November, a prototype was tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, which showed that the weight of the gun was too large for the chassis of the light tank. Due to the fact that the weight of the new weapon proved to be very heavy for the chassis, the use of the T 56 GMC antitank self-propelled gun on the battlefield was impossible. The high command recognized the sample as failed and froze the development in this direction. Not commercially available.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the American anti-tank self-propelled gun is on level 3. Probably, many players have already managed to play this self-propelled gun, if they thought to pump American anti-tank self-propelled guns. The opportunity to acquire this interesting self-propelled gun for each player will appear after he explores it by pumping over the predecessor T3HMS for 1050 experience points.

Guns – the initial three-inch gun will please all its owners with high rates of armor and damage penetration (101 mm and 110 units, respectively). An elite 57 mm caliber weapon that can be explored for experience points will present all players with improved rates of fire rate, armor penetration, information (2 s), scatter (0.4 m). The weight of the top gun is much less than that of its predecessor, it will increase the maneuverability of the machine in battle.

Chassis – T57 and T56, improved chassis can withstand 1.5 tons more load, the self-propelled gun turns too faster – up to 30 degrees / sec.

Radio stations – players can explore and install 3 types of radio stations with improved communication range. This parameter with the improved radio station SCR-619 will increase to 750 m.

Continental gasoline engines are capable of accelerating this self-propelled gun to 50 km / h. when moving forward and up to 14 km / h. in reverse.

Vitality – this figure for this self-propelled gun is equal to 160 units, which will not allow its owner to perform reconnaissance and always be on the front edge.

Booking – the most armored part is the bottom sheet (44 mm), not bad armored and sides of 25 mm and the tower itself (more than 38 mm). Armor indicators of the remaining parts of the self-propelled – less than 15 mm.

For a more comfortable game, it is recommended to install additional equipment that is a stereo pipe and a camouflage net that will improve the stealth position of the self-propelled gun in a standing position and expand the radius of detection of players of the enemy team.

On the American anti-tank self-propelled gun T 56 GMC, it is better to use sniper tactics, to be still somewhere in the bushes and to fire at all enemies in sight. And if the enemy tanks are pushing the flank, you can change the position and move to a more suitable place for the firing position. using his good maneuverability, which will allow to move from flank to flank.

We can say that this self-propelled gun is a classic version of an anti-tank self-propelled gun, which is capable of inflicting great damage to the enemy from a small and medium distance, and also quickly changing its location in battle to attack someone else’s or defend his own base.