The use of armor protection appeared and tested in action several centuries before 1914. And the first armored vehicles were created around 1914. The first armored cars beat primitive and not agile. At that time, they decided to cross the armored tower with the chassis of a caterpillar tractor, for cross-country ability on any terrain. The result was a so-called fortress that could overcome wire fences and fight machine-gun outposts.

A modern tank is a multi-purpose tracked combat vehicle, suitable for combat under direct enemy artillery fire, combining weapons, armor protection and mobility.

Several projects appeared before the outbreak of World War I. We will call the “land monitor” of the Italian Balbi (1854), the “crew equipped with moving rails” of the Frenchman E. Bouyen (1874), the projects of the Frenchman Le Wasser (1903), the Austrian G. Burshtyn (1911), the Russian V.D. . Mendeleev (1911), the Australian L.de Mola (1912).