Syberia 3 walkthrough Finding the exit key and repairing it

Hello dear friends! Syberia 3 is a puzzle adventure game from the developers of Microids. In the new story, players will be able to see the journey of the main character, named Kate, who continues to search for the mysterious Siberia. In the previous part, our heroine went in search of Siberia and almost died. A passing caravan of nomads noticed the girl Kate and decided to save her from death.

To save Kate, the nomads took her to the town of Valsembord, to a local clinic. As it turned out, in the clinic itself there are people who are not happy with our heroine. Nevertheless, they are trying to restore it. Doctor Efremova receives an order to detain citizen Keith until the arrival of the colonel and his men.

The first task is “Leave the ward”.

Waking up on a hospital couch, Kate meets one of the Yukol tribe named Kurk. First you need to find out as much information as possible from the character Kurk, who will tell you some details about what is happening and the “Ostriches”.

After the dialogue, Kate will try to leave the room, but she will not be able to, since the door is closed. At the suggestion of Kurk, you need to press the button, which is located near the door. To open the door, you need to fix the mechanism with the button. But, without tools, repairs will not work.

Having searched the room, we find a “knife” that lies on the table. With its help, you can safely unscrew the bolt on the box with the button. To do this, choose to use and unscrew the bolt. When the hatch is opened, we see the cause of the breakdown of the mechanism, the wiring is torn off. The green wire must be installed in the desired place and the push-button mechanism must be pressed. After closing the lid back, press the button.

The second task is “Explore the floor in the hospital”.

Leaving the room, you need to look around and talk to all possible neutral characters. In one of the rooms, you can meet two men playing chess. They will tell you about their story and show you the way out of the hospital. We have already examined this door, it was locked. Leaving the hospital may require permission from a physician, Dr. Mangeling.

Seeing Dr. Mangelingom.

You can find the doctor if you go to the main hall, his door is white. Going into his office, the doctor will offer to conduct his check. Our heroine will have to sit on a chair in the office of Dr. Mangeling and answer all his questions.

After the dialogue, the doctor gives the “Key”, with which you can leave the floor. And she cuts our heroine to take her clothes. Leaving the office, we immediately go to the exit and use the received key. To try to open the door, you need to choose a combination and install all the rods on the key to the appropriate holes. Then the key can be inserted into the lock and find that the door will still be locked.

After that, Doctor Mangelingom will appear and explain that our heroine Kate has not yet recovered and does not plan to let go. The doctor will say the condition for leaving the hospital that all patients who manage to open the door with the key can leave.

The third task is “Leave the floor and repair the key.”

While Dr. Mangelingom walks around the hall, you can inspect his office. And the most important thing is to examine the key that the doctor gave. Going into the inventory, you need to click on the received key and turn it in different directions. Then you can see the hole in the key and find a special breakdown. The next task will be to find the missing part to the key.

After examining the doctor’s room, you need to open his drawer in the table. Transfer the diary and get the brochure. In the brochure, we recommend flipping through the pages to the picture with the same key that the doctor gave us. Having stopped at the page with a picture of the key, you need to get the owl key and examine it. After comparison, it will become clear that there is no “Hairpin”.

You can leave the office and talk with all the patients, but this will not give a result. Therefore, we go to our ward and talk to “Kurk”. You may have already examined the room with mechanical birds. If you haven’t found such a room yet, we recommend looking, it is not far from Kate’s room.

In dialogue with Kurk, we will show him the model of the key using a brochure. Kurk will offer his own version of the repair and tell that his friend from the tribe can make this part. After the dialogue, a new location, a balcony, opens. On which you need to lure a sitting owl at the top of the building. At the usual call, the bird, of course, will not fly, you need to figure out a way to lure it to you.

A cage with mechanical birds.

Therefore, you need to return to the main hall again and look for suitable clues. After talking with all possible characters, we will highlight the two most important ones. One of them is sitting on a bench by the pool, arms outstretched. Here you need to stop near him and hear the phrase “Yes, Anton fell asleep again in the middle of the game.”

It is these chess players who are the main key persons who will help open the cage and take one mechanical bird. Having heard the information about Anton, it is advisable to immediately go to the room where they played chess. In this room, it is advisable to examine Anton and take the key to the cage with mechanical birds from him.

Key repair with the help of an owl.

So, we have a mechanical bird, now you can safely go to the balcony. You can inspect the bird and find out what starts by turning the key. We failed to turn the key in the inspection mode. We decided to simply install the mechanical bird on a seat on the balcony. In the established place, it turned out to get a bird and summon an owl.

When the owl arrives on the balcony, it needs to be given the key and brochure. We return to Kurk and observe his deteriorated condition. After a while Olga Efremova comes and continues to treat Kurka. After several dialogues, Olga Efremova leaves.

You can safely go back to the ward, inspect Kurka, and then go out to the balcony. An owl with a repaired key is already waiting for us on the balcony. Taking the key, we return to the ward and communicate with Kurk. In a dialogue, he recommends contacting Dr. Zamyatina, who can help in solving some issues.

After the dialogue, we head to the designated exit and try to open the elevator door. Since the key has been repaired, the elevator door opens. It is no longer necessary to select the desired combination. Having entered the elevator, we press the button and go to another floor.