Syberia 3 walkthrough Hyde go up to the hospital and save Kurka

Hello dear friends! Our heroine Kate was able to complete a difficult task to repair the gate. The last time we went to get permission from the mayor, to leave the ship “Crystal” from the pier. During the dialogue, it turned out that the gate would have to be repaired. Kate reported this problem to Captain Obo and we went to the barn. Diving equipment was prepared in the shed and went to fix the gate. During the renovation, the necessary parts were found and the gate was repaired.

Rescuing Kurk from Watchmaker Steiner’s Hospital, in Syberia 3.

After successful repairs, we go to inform the Yukola tribe, their leader, about the possibility of accommodation on the ship “Crystal”. To do this, we come to the Yukola market and talk with the shaman. They let us through at the border, since we already have a pass. But the Yukola tribe has no passes. Therefore, our heroine Keith and the Yukola tribe break through on ostriches through the checkpoint, without showing a pass.

After arriving on the ferry, it turns out that Sarah’s grandfather (watchmaker Steiner) and the guide Jukola (Kurk) have not returned from the hospital. This is reported by Sarah and the shaman Yukola. The next main task will be to rescue Kurk and Steiner from the hospital.

Access to the building where the lift controls are located in Syberia 3.

To get to the hospital, you need to lower the lift, in the form of a tram and go up to the hospital. To do this, you need to get into the building itself, where there is a lift control (located next to the tram tracks up the mountain) and turn on the power.

On the one hand, it seems that the task is quite simple, but it is not. Our heroine Kate walked around the territory several times and talked with different residents to find a clue. But, later it turned out that the clue was right at the entrance, near the door, to the building that controls the lift.

You just had to lower your gaze to the lower part of the door and then the further part of the passage opens. We can observe that it is possible to put something under the door to get inside. Of course, this is something you still need to look for, but at least further actions are already becoming clear.

So, we need to find some item that can be put under the door. The closest such item can be obtained from the cart, wedges. We approach the cart and take out one “wedge”, the cart rolls down the hills, and we can get 2 more wedges. As a result, we should have 3 “Wedges”, 2 “large wedges” and 1 “small wedge”. With the collected blades, we return to the door of the building with the control panel.

Open the door to the building in Syberia 3.

  1. First, we insert into the right side of the door “Small wedge”, the door rises. Nearby, on the right side, it becomes possible to install the “Big wedge”, insert it.
  2. Take out the “Small wedge” and place it on the left side of the door. And then, in the same way, we install the second “Big wedge”.
  3. Take out the “Small wedge” again and insert it into the right side of the door, above the “Big wedge”. The door rises even more, and then falls.

Turn on the light and lower the lift, in the game Syberia 3.

Entering the building, you need to find a shield on the wall, which is located behind the cabinet. Opening by hand, the heroine Kate does not succeed, so we use the “Knife”. After several actions, the flap door opens and we can lower the switch. When the light is on, you can go to the control panel and lower the lift using the lever. When we go into the tram lift, the heroine Keith starts the lift on her own.

Freeing the Trigger from the chair, in the game Syberia 3.

Arriving at the hospital, you need to immediately search the helicopter. In the helicopter, in the box, you need to find a walkie-talkie, which will be needed in further passages. The radio is located next to the first aid kit, under the helmet. After that, you can go to the hospital building. Entering the building, Kate discovers the guards and the colonel. Kate takes out the radio she found and, under the guise of Olga, asks the guards for help, thereby allowing her to safely enter the offices.

Kurk is in Olga’s office, chained to a special chair. First of all, we examine the armchair with the Trigger and find a paper clip on the plate. The found paper clip must be applied to the mechanism behind the trigger to stop the operation of the device.

The next steps will be to revive Kurk and revive him. To do this, pour out the medicine from the container, and then fill it with the liquid that the shaman Yukola gave us. Kurk comes to his senses, but cannot free himself. Children’s advice that you need to see Olga’s things.

The code from the Kurka chair, in the game Syberia 3.

The closest matching items are a statuette and a note, which can be found on Oliga Efremova’s desk. In the note, we learn that Kurka can be freed with a code. This code could have been entered on the dashboard in the seat, but the rest could not be found. Therefore, I had to solve the problem with the help of Olga’s statuette. To do this, you need to open the cover of the combination lock, and then apply the “Olga statuette” to the code panel. After the actions taken, Kurk is freed and together with Kate leaves the hospital.