Syberia 4: The World Before Overview of an amazing game filled with puzzles and riddles

Syberia 4: The World Before is a sequel to a puzzle and investigation game in the adventure adventure genre. The game was developed by developers from Microids Studio Paris, who released the sequel to Syberia on March 18, 2022. The new story will offer players to see two paths from different times at once, the heroines of Dana Rose and Kate Walker. Thus, the developers proposed a unique process for passing in the Syberia series.

After the first acquaintance with the new game, I would like to express my gratitude to the developers for trying to implement the passage of the story in amazing graphics. High-quality traced details of objects that reflect the amazing and unique atmosphere of the ongoing actions. Particular attention can also be paid to the musical accompaniment conducted by the composer Inon Zur, who has experience in the games Syberia 3, Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia.

In the previous part of Syberia 3.

The main character and character was Kate Walker, who helped the Yukola tribe and tried to escape from persecution. The path was quite difficult, she visited a closed hospital, from which she managed to escape and became friends with the shaman Yukola. Having escaped from the hospital, the brave Kate Walker was able to sneak back into the hospital and save her friend from Yukol. After that, their path continued to the island, where she was arrested by local people.

In the new story Syberia 4: The World Before.

Players will be lucky enough to play as two heroines, one of them is Dana Rose, who is 17 years old. The action takes place in the city of Wagen during the period of 1937. Dane Rose has amazing musical talents and is a pianist. The story of Dana Rose is still in a bright and good time, but this is only the beginning. Since a big conflict is brewing over Europe from the unfriendly organization “Brown Shadows”.


The second heroine is Kate Walker, who was captured in a salt mine during 2004 in Taiga. Tragic events force the heroine to go on new adventures in search of her identity. I must say that the heroine Kate Walker is significantly different from the beauty from the third part of Syberia 3. And in some places it seems that the new Kate Walker is trying to find a way to save the previous heroine.

Gameplay in the game Syberia 4: The World Before.

The gameplay is completely identical to the previous part. The character is controlled from a third person and possibly within open areas. For example, at the same location with buildings, you can only enter those doors that are designed to complete the task. At the same time, separate passages can open as you pass and solve riddles.

Unlike the previous parts, as mentioned above, you can control two heroines. The control itself occurs alternately and without switching. First, we go through a certain plot section of one heroine, and then the game smoothly transfers the player to control another heroine. The interesting thing is that each character has a different game atmosphere, a different time period of events and a different path.

The common moments of the two heroines, we can note the process of passing. Since you will need to study the surrounding objects and interact in dialogues with other characters. Some items will have to be examined in detail, scrolled several times and understood for what they are needed. In the future, the studied subject can be established

Conclusion on the game Syberia 4: The World Before.

At this point in time, 2022, Syberia 4: The World Before is a great game for people who like to solve complex problems. In addition, the game has fairly good graphics and an unusual mode for the Syberia series, in which you can go through two different stories at once.