Game event world of tanks Decade of the game of tanks or the birthday of the round date

In the game world of tanks, another game event, this time dedicated to the birthday of the game world of tanks. Which marks the 10th anniversary and in her honor, the developers have prepared special combat missions and awards. As well as summarizing and telling the players what kind of work has been done over the past 10 years. The game event starts on April 22, 2020.

The entire game event is divided into several acts, and each act has its own story about the work done. There will be 5 acts in total: The first act “To battle!”, The second act “Rush around the world”, the third act “Rubicon”, the fourth act “Work on mistakes”, the fifth act “New countdown”.

One time act lasts a week. And during this time, players can take part in another event “Remember All.” Right inside the hangar, on the “Archives” tab, you can see a special video that tells about the past work and the game of world of tanks itself.

About the first act “To battle”.

In the first act of “To Battle” for players will be available “General Chat”. Before going into battle, it was possible to write messages to the enemy team, communicate and make fun of each other. Sometimes allied players worked on the enemy side and passed the coordinates of the allies lurking in the bushes. For an enemy team, this ball is a kind of cheat by location. Well, there were a lot of offensive moments.

It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad that they’ve disabled General Chat. But it is definitely certain that the main focus began to concentrate on the gameplay itself.

About Jubilee Tasks.

Players can also begin to perform special “Anniversary tasks”. Upon completion of which you can get a special game currency “Jubilee coins.” These coins can be spent in a special game store.

In total, the first act of 9 “Jubilee tasks.” They are divided into 3 blocks of tasks and by performing one task, the next one appears, which is complicated. The higher the difficulty, the better the reward. And having completed all the tasks that have the status of “Anniversary”, you can get one “Golden Key”.

The “Golden Key” gives you the opportunity to receive another valuable award – this is a special style for a tank of level 9.

Upon completion of the active phase of the game event of each act, the so-called “Calm” begins. The “lull” can last about 20 days, and during this period you can also perform special daily tasks, but easier.