Italian medium tank P.44 Pantera history and overview of HYDE in world of tanks

The Italian medium tank P.44 Pantera began to be developed during World War II. Like most previous tanks, Italians went by copying. And they tried to create a new model of the tank referring to the German tank Panther. Many points were taken into account and the main weapons for that period were armament and armoring. But they failed to realize their plans, as the project was curtailed at the stage of conceptual design.

In the online game world of tanks.

In the online game world of tanks, the Italian medium tank P.44 Pantera is at level 8. Among the Italian, this is the first tank which has a mechanism for phased loading of shells. It corresponds to its class of medium tanks. But with a slightly large silhouette, because of which the tank is easily lit by enemy scouts, even with a grid.

The tank is capable of gaining speed of 60 kilometers per hour. This is not a light tank, and it needs speed rather for changing firing positions, rather than swift reconnaissance. In active intelligence, playing on it will not work. Since there is not enough maneuverability like a light tank and the silhouette of the tank is large for an active reconnaissance tank. It will not be difficult to get from a long distance through the tank.

The review is 380 meters. And for this reason, detecting enemy tanks is also not easy. And as mentioned above, the silhouette of the tank is large and enemy reconnaissance can detect earlier.

Reserving a tank in the frontal projection of the hull is 80 millimeters, and reserving a tower in the forehead 120 millimeters at the improved tower. Enemy attacks from some medium and light tanks of a lower level can withstand. But they do not always shoot at the tower, more often they shoot at the body and the bottom sheet, and as a rule, the damage passes with success.

But with weapons everything is fine. But you need to get used to the game and shooting with a phased loading mechanism. And to understand how best to use these not great advantages.

A phased loading mechanism is when you can shoot the same way as with a conventional gun, but with the possibility of a drum stock:

– You can wait until the shell cells are fully loaded and at the right time, in a short period to discharge the drum into an enemy tank. And after a complete discharge, the first shell will be charged longer than the next.

– Or, with a full drum, shoot one projectile at a time without fully discharging the drum. In this case, the last shell charges faster than the first after a full discharge.

The Italian medium tank P.44 Pantera has two guns, Cannone da 90/53 and Cannone da 90/74, to choose from. In the stock configuration, only two shells are available in the drum. The best is the Cannone da 90/74 gun with which you can penetrate enemy armor of 212 mm and inflict one-time damage of 240 units.

Two shells are very small and in the beginning can cause discomfort and lack of confidence in using the tank for its intended purpose. It seems that there is an advantage to quickly discharge the drum, but again there are only two shells and it is not always possible to completely disassemble an enemy tank.

An additional shell is added when a tower is pumped into the tank and installed. But when the desired tower is pumped and the drum is equipped with three shells, the game on it becomes even more interesting. And the choice of tactics for shooting increases. And discharging the entire drum with an improved tower, you can cause damage to about 700 units.

Another nice point to note is its vertical declination angles of the gun. The tank is able to lower its gun by 8 degrees. These are good indicators for playing from the terrain and the tower can hold back some hits from enemy tanks.


From all of the above, it can be said that the Italian medium tank P.44 Pantera is a support tank. It is better to stick to the second and third row and only in some cases go on a counterattack. The drum for three shots, although it sounds powerful, but when the drum is discharged you will need to look for shelter.

If possible, the hull of the tank should be hidden behind shelters, and it is better to forget about the game with a rhombus. It makes its way into the board even if you put the tank in a rhombus to an enemy tank, ricochets are encountered but extremely rarely. It breaks through almost all the enemy tanks encountered.

The review of the tank is also not big and as a scout is not very good. And even if it was required to use him as a scout, it would be good if the enemy side no longer had light tanks by this time. And if on the way in the bushes there will be an enemy anti-tank installation, then most likely its shot will be the first.

Ideally, play on the Italian medium tank P.44 Pantera as a support tank. And he performs this role perfectly.