Wasteland 3 Guide for First Aid Leadership Talents

Wasteland 3 has a variety of talents that increase stats in combat. However, not all talents are equally useful. There are not very needed talents, despite their attractiveness. Since in fact the battles are varied and the enemy fighters have their advantages.

When choosing talents, you need to build on what class your character is. In the game, you can train a melee fighter as a tank, an archer as a support, or an attack aircraft and a sniper. These classes are used in different ways on the battlefield and have their own advantages over enemy fighters.

One character will not be able to pump all the available talents, since there will not be enough pumping points and talent points. Talent points are given to characters every 2 levels, after reaching level 4 of characters, one talent point.

This article will focus on additional bonuses that are more related to the character of the support class. Talents play more the role of additional ones that increase the possibilities in the game. In addition, the character must fight on the battlefield, this is the main task, and only then use additional skills.

Well, you shouldn’t neglect additional skills either. If you do not have at least one character with additional non-combat skills in your team, the game may not come out very easy. Support can sometimes be crucial, as a strong ranger can be restored. And the loss of a good fighter can contribute to a losing battle.

Talent types in Wasteland 3:

Talents for the “First Aid” section.

Essential on the battlefield to rescue wounded comrades in battle. You can pump one or two field rangers as additional skills. It will not be superfluous.

  • Talent “Emergency Response”.

You can level up at level 1, which is rare for most talents. After research, the character receives a bonus to speed by + 1 unit for 2 whole turns. When an ally is badly wounded.

Severe injuries are not common in the game if you play well and on easy difficulty. Nevertheless, there are times when opponents are very good at fighting. So we recommend pumping. In addition, the speed increase for the Field Medic will not be superfluous.

  • Talent “From the generosity of a doctor.”

Available for pumping at level 5. During the battle, after using healing items, the maximum health level increases by + 25% and is valid for 3 turns.

It is important to note that the effect of the talent extends to the healer himself. We recommend pumping, as the additional health gain will not be superfluous.

  • Talent “Physical therapy”.

Researched at level 7 and grants an additional bonus to buffs after reviving allies by + 6%. There is a small typo in the description, so in fact the bonus is + 10%.

Positive effects can include evasion, accuracy, and other ranger stats. We recommend pumping.

  • Talent “The flexibility of medical ethics.”

Talent research opens at level 10. Gives a + 50% damage bonus if the Medic heals a heavily wounded ally.

During the game, you often have to heal your wounded comrades. But with severe injuries, not very often. And it is not so easy to hold out an ally to the possibility of being seriously injured and almost impossible to predict. Nevertheless, such injuries occur and the increase in damage of + 50% will not be superfluous. We recommend pumping.

Talents for the “Leadership” section.

Talents from the “Leadership” section are best pumped by the main fighters in the team. There is one such thing.

  • Talent “Gathering”.

You can research at level 3. After research, the ability “Gathering” is unlocked. It can be activated during the battle for 4 action points. The bonus gives 2 action points to all nearby allies and imposes the “Summon” effect.

In fact, it works great. Rangers have the ability to deliver additional attacks and use their abilities. An additional shot fired in combat gives a good priority in the fight against opponents. And when the majority of team members have such an opportunity, it’s generally great.

It does not work only for the commander himself or the leader using the “Gather” ability. And even with this moment, we recommend pumping.

  • Talent “Demoralization”.

Unlocks at Level 5. After research, it gives the ability “Demoralization”, which makes opponents weaker. Enemy fighters have their hit chance reduced by -20% and the critical attack chance by -25%. You can activate it for 2 action points.

It is important to note that the ability works in an area, not a single enemy. Thus, you can make several enemy fighters weaker at once. We recommend pumping.