Wasteland 3 Guide for Small Arms Talents Sniper Rifles and Trainer Talents

Wasteland 3 has a variety of talents that increase stats in combat. However, not all talents are equally useful. There are not very needed talents, despite their attractiveness. Since in fact the battles are varied and the enemy fighters have their advantages.

When choosing talents, you need to build on what class your character is. In the game, you can train a melee fighter as a tank, an archer as a support, or an attack aircraft and a sniper. These classes are used in different ways on the battlefield and have their own advantages over enemy fighters.

Talent points are given to characters every 2 levels, after reaching level 4 of characters, one talent point.

Talent types in Wasteland 3:

Talents for Small Arms.

  • Talent “Shrapnel Shot”.

Research on the talent unlocks at level 2 and grants the Frag Shot ability. The cost to use is 4 action points.

The activated ability gives the character to shoot bullets from a shotgun. Inflicts bleeding upon hitting an enemy unit. If the enemy’s armor is damaged, the damage is increased by 100%. When equipped with a weapon, the damage is increased by 100%.

At the initial stage of the game, the Frag Shot talent provides a lot of advantages for eating a battle. In addition, it opens already at level 2. It is definitely recommended to pump.

  • Talent “Opportunist”.

It is available for pumping at level 3 and gives the character an additional 5% to the special attack fill scale. If the character is using a pistol.

It’s not worth pumping the “Opportunist” talent, it’s better to save money and spend a talent point on other research. Since a great advantage on the battlefield will not be noticeable. In addition, at the last levels, the pistol will not be a very effective weapon against enemy fighters.

  • Talent “Sly Shot”.

You can unlock the talent at level 5. After research, the ability “Sly Shot” will appear, which breaks weapons to enemy soldiers.

During the battle, it can be activated for 4 action points. If the shot hits the target, the character will receive an additional 3 action points and the special attack scale will be filled. In addition, a hit will inflict additional damage equal to 100% of the weapon’s base damage.

The ability also has a negative effect that reduces hit accuracy by -50%. As a result, it is better to use the ability successfully in defensive moments. For example, when an enemy fighter gets close and in this case the ability will be most useful. And the received bonuses in battle can be wisely used, retreat or make an additional shot.

We recommend pumping, it will not be superfluous. It is desirable to increase the character’s accuracy and then the ability will become an excellent weapon in the fight against enemy fighters.

  • Talent “Destruction of shelters”.

Researching the talent “Breaking Shelters” is available at level 6. After research, the character will be able to deal 100% damage to cover. Useful when the enemy is behind cover and is firing. At the same time, the damage does not pass through the cover without the researched talent “Breaking Shelters”.

At first glance, the talent seems attractive, but we do not recommend pumping it over. Since enemy fighters in most cases are not behind cover. And those who hid behind the shelter, you can bypass it and approach the dense one. So the firefight at a distance is not always long.

  • Talent “For pistols”.

You can upgrade at level 7. Gives the character an additional free shot after reloading the weapon. It is important to note that this applies to all ranged weapons.

Better to pump over those characters who have weapons with small stores of stores. For example, sniper rifles will be very useful during the battle. But for weapons with large stocks of cartridges in the store, it is better not to pump.

  • Talent “Complete destruction”.

The talent is available at level 8 and gives priority to the shotgun. For each hit on the enemy, an additional + 25% damage is given.

A very useful upgrade as there are urban areas and corridors. Enemies in buildings often stand side by side. And in one shot, you can take away a good supply of health from enemy soldiers. We recommend pumping.

  • Talent “Counteroffensive”.

Unlocks at level 10 and grants a + 25% damage bonus against enemy melee fighters. If they attacked the character.

In the description, the information is slightly opposite. The enemy fighter is indicated to do + 50% damage. And, it would seem, why then in general pump and spend a point of talent on increasing the priority of the enemy fighter. It’s just that there is not a big typo in the description in the game.

In fact, the pumped talent “Counteroffensive” gives priority only to the first enemy that caused damage. If another enemy fighter comes up in close combat, the bonus will not work on him.

To pump over or not, you decide. But we would advise leaving it for something else. And if you decide to upgrade, you need to take into account that the effect of the Counteroffensive talent applies only to pistols and shotguns.

Talents for “Sniper Rifles”.

It is better to pump all the above talents for a sniper, since they give significant priorities in battle. They also work great.

  • Talent “Mark on the target”.

Research can be pumped starting from the second level. After studying, the ability “Mark on the target” opens. Activation costs 2 Action Points.

The ability allows you to mark opponents by applying the “Mark”. Marked enemy units take + 50% more damage and reduce their evasion by 15%.

An important feature of this improvement is that it works not only for a character with a sniper rifle. If the character is using an assault rifle, then the talent will be just as useful.

  • Talent “With surgical precision.”

Available for research at level 5. The talent increases the accuracy of sniper rifle shots and increases the chance of a critical hit.

If a “Mark” is imposed on the enemy, the damage will be increased.

  • Talent “Concentration”.

Unlocks at level 7 and provides an additional bonus to accuracy. Increases the hit chance by 10% if the character did not move from the spot for about 1 turn. The bonus applies to characters with a sniper rifle.

If the character takes an action and moves at least one cell, the bonus will be reset. Snipers rarely have to move from place to place. Basically, the entire combat process can be in one place. To do this, you just need to correctly place the rangers and wait for the enemy to advance.

  • Talent “Chain Ambush”.

You can study it at level 10. The description states that the fired ambush shot does not reveal the location of the enemy. In case the sniper kills the selected victim.

In fact, this talent works like this. Before the start of the battle, the sniper takes his position, towards the offensive of the enemy fighters. The remaining team members can also be accommodated in their places. When the enemy enters the field of view of the sniper, the sniper opens fire to kill. At the same time, he can shoot until the magazine runs out or the enemy can withstand the hit.

For a good and effective use of the talent “Chain Ambush” you need to pump critical damage to the sniper. Choose a sniper rifle with good damage and a capacious magazine for ammunition.

It is also interesting that even if the enemy fighter is behind a wall or obstacle, a shot from a sniper will still hit the target. Maybe this is a small flaw in the game, but it works very effectively. In one move, the sniper can hit about 4 enemy soldiers.

Talents for the “Trainer”.

These talents are better for pumping a support class character. Since they just increase bonuses and give priority to non-combat qualities. For example, increasing health, helping rangers, restoring health, and so on.

  • Talent “Trainer”.

Unlocks at level 3. There is a typo in the description and actually works a little differently. The talent is said to provide bonuses to constitution and damage if any pet is present.

The bonus actually works for the pet, not the character.  Pet’s health and damage are increased by + 25%. We recommend purchasing, as some pets are good fighters for eating combat. And increasing their priority will give a greater chance of winning.

  • Talent “Totem animal”.

Research is available at level 5 and gives increased bonuses to the character to which the pet belongs.

The bonuses themselves depend on what bonuses the pets have. In fact, it is the most useful talent available in the Trainer branch. We recommend pumping.

  • Talent “Ties of Vengeance”.

You can research at level 7. Gives a bonus to the character if the pet remains at 25% health. The character receives an additional bonus to the chance of dealing critical damage by 50%. In addition, it gives an additional 2 action points.

When pumping, you need to take into account the health level of the animal itself. More suitable for those who do not have armor indicators.