Wasteland 3 Guide Talents Overview for Heavy Weapons and Melee Combat

Wasteland 3 has a variety of talents that increase stats in combat. However, not all talents are equally useful. There are not very needed talents, despite their attractiveness. Since in fact the battles are varied and the enemy fighters have their advantages.

When choosing talents, you need to build on what class your character is. In the game, you can train a melee fighter as a tank, an archer as a support, or an attack aircraft and a sniper. These classes are used in different ways on the battlefield and have their own advantages over enemy fighters.

Talent points are given to characters every 2 levels, after reaching level 4 of characters, one talent point.

Talent types in Wasteland 3:

Talents for heavy weapons.

  • Talent “Take the height”.

When researching, you can get + 0.5 units to speed if you use a heavy weapon. You can get an increase on the first move. At the same time, from the second turn, speed points will become standard and will last for the rest of the battle. You can open it from level 2.

In fact, the talent “Take the height” is an absolutely pointless waste of talent points. Since he will not give a big priority on the battlefield, and the movement itself is quite small. In addition, it is given for only one move. Better to save precious talent points for other upgrades.

  • Fire Suppression Talent.

You can open the research at the third level. After learning the character gains the “Suppression by Fire” ability, which can be activated in battle for 5 action points. When activated, a character with a heavy weapon starts shooting in the area.

All enemy fighters caught in the field of fire are suppressed. Suppression reduces speed by – 0.8 units and the chance to deal damage by – 20% for 2 turns. The ability increases projectile consumption and increases damage done by + 100%.

It is definitely worth pumping the Suppression by Fire ability, since the area of ​​impact of the fire is good and the enemies are decently taken away health points. One character with a heavy weapon can significantly weaken enemy units. And the rest of the team members can get the role of finishing offers.

  • The Walking Horror talent.

Unlocks at level 4 and grants a flamethrower upgrade. When firing from a flamethrower, enemy fighters who fall into the firing zone decrease accuracy by -15%.

The decrease in accuracy for enemy fighters is not significant and you should think about spending points on this talent. But, if you take into account the effectiveness of flamethrowers in combat, against melee, then you can pump.

  • The Pressure Cooker talent.

Studied at level 7 and unlocks the “Pressure Cooker” ability, which is designed to defeat enemy vehicles. After being used, the enemy vehicle will take damage for two turns. In this case, the transport will take damage of about 40% of the available health and immobilize for 2 turns.

Considering that enemy vehicles are not common, spending talent points on the Pressure Cooker is not recommended. Of course, the transport has a large margin of safety and problems from it on the battlefield can be quite a few. If you think that transport can make your mess, then you can pump it.

  • Talent “Unwavering Hand”.

Unlocks at level 8. After studying, the character will receive + 20% to evasion and + 10% to hit chance if he uses a machine gun and is behind cover. Talent must be pumped over, since the increase is not small.

There were times when it seemed that the talent worked even if the character was out of cover. And he is just as effective in fighting.

  • The talent “Embrace the immensity.”

You can study it at level 10. Gives a good increase to the increase in the area of ​​destruction of machine guns and flamethrowers by 35%.

On the surface, the research is very good and has many positive benefits. But this is only at first glance. In fact, the learned talent “Embrace the Immense” can cause problems for allies too, who can fall into the zone of fire.

As a result, a big question may arise before the shot, who to sacrifice and whether it is worth using the weapon at all. Sometimes partners may not be in the best position. Abilities from heavy weapons become ineffective. Therefore, it is better not to pump the talent “Embrace the immensity.” In addition, the accuracy of fire from a machine gun and a flamethrower is already at a normal level.

Talents for hand-to-hand combat.

  • Shaolin talent.

Unlocks at level 2 and grants the Shaolin ability, which takes 2 action points. After activation, the character will be able to increase armor penetration by 2 and increase damage by 10 units. In addition, it can deal 100% increased damage if the target is demoralized. And if the character has a melee weapon, the damage is further increased by 100%.

The Shaolin talent is a pretty good improvement for a melee character. It is worth pumping, but it must be borne in mind that it is better to use it at the last moment. The character can accumulate combo points if they inflict regular attacks on enemy fighters.

  • Talent “Extreme Combo”.

The improvement can be pumped at level 5. After research, the character gains the opportunity to accumulate combo up to 10 units. Accumulated combos can give the opportunity to deal more damage to enemy fighters if you use the ability “Shaolin”.

The Extreme Combo talent can be useful at high levels when the enemy fighter has a lot of health. On such enemies, accumulating the necessary 10 combo points can be easy if done correctly.

In fact, it can be noted that the talent “Extreme Combo” is controversial and may not be suitable for all players. And not everyone will want to pull attacks to 10 combos. In addition, it is not always possible to produce an impressive effect. This is when the enemy fighters are demoralized. We think it is better to think well and possibly pump talent points for anything else.

  • Talent “Deadly Combo”.

After research, the character will be able to deal increased damage more often than usual. Since the chance of inflicting a critical attack increases. You can open it at level 7.

We recommend pumping, it will definitely not be superfluous in battle. And when fighting strong enemy fighters, the time for defeating them will increase. It works quite often.

  • The Hail of Strikes talent.

Research is available at level 10. After opening, the character’s attack cost is reduced by 1 unit. As a result, the character can deal more blows to the enemy fighter. However, most brass knuckles require 2 action points per hit. Thus, the character becomes a deadly machine for enemy fighters.