Wasteland 3 Guide Review for Barter Talents “Know-it-alls” “Explosives”

Wasteland 3 has a variety of talents that increase stats in combat. However, not all talents are equally useful. There are not very needed talents, despite their attractiveness. Since in fact the battles are varied and the enemy fighters have their advantages.

When choosing talents, you need to build on what class your character is. In the game, you can train a melee fighter as a tank, an archer as a support, or an attack aircraft and a sniper. These classes are used in different ways on the battlefield and have their own advantages over enemy fighters.

Talent points are given to characters every 2 levels, after reaching level 4 of characters, one talent point.

This article will focus on additional bonuses that are more related to the character of the support class. Talents play more the role of additional ones that increase the possibilities in the game. All additional talents cannot be pumped, there simply will not be enough talent and leveling points. In addition, the character must fight on the battlefield, this is the main task, and only then use additional skills.

Talent types in Wasteland 3:

Talents for the “Barter” section.

The included studies in the “Barter” section are responsible for the economic opportunities of the characters. It is more profitable to sell goods or buy goods cheaply. It is better to pump the character who will always be at the base.

  • Talent “Krokhobor”.

Research is available at level 3. Gives an additional 20% discount if you buy multiple items at once. At least one character in the team must be upgraded, you can leave him at the base and not take him into battles.

Big savings on armor will not work, but it is possible on cartridges and consumables. In the course of the game, cartridges are consumed decently, if the characters have not pumped up accuracy and opponents come across with a good level of evasion.

  • Talent “Antiques Appraiser”.

Unlocks at level 7 and gives a 5% chance to sell an antique at 40 times the starting price. It is important to note that if you try to trade with regular scrap, the talent action will not work. That is, the bonus works only for certain types of goods.

Quick money-making tip:

You can earn decent money on this bonus. To do this, you can find a valuable thing, go to the merchant, save and try to sell. You can download until a 5% chance works and the product is bought 40 times more expensive.

Then you can try to buy the sold item and continue with the above procedure. So you can really earn decent money, but this will require spending a certain period of time.

Talents for the “Know-it-all” section.

All talents in this section are focused on the hostile robots that are encountered on the battlefield.

  • Talent “Lock guidance”.

Can be pumped at level 3. After opening, the character will be able to hack the robot, after which enemy fighters will attack it.

Towards the middle of the game, the Lock Target talent can come in handy. Since large robots can cause a lot of problems, moreover, they are covered by enemy soldiers. With the help of the talent, you can get rid of the enemy robot and divert the attention of enemy fighters to it.

In fact, it turns out very interesting, since they will shoot at the robot until it is destroyed. And enemy fighters will spend their action points on it. In the meantime, while the enemy fighters are busy fighting the hacked robot, you can safely eliminate the nearest ones one by one.

  • Talent “Electricity Leak”.

Unlocks at Level 5. This talent gives an additional effect to the Target Lock talent. When an enemy robot is hacked, it will start electrocuting nearby enemies.

You should definitely upgrade if you often have to use the strategy of bait and divert enemy attention. The electric current from the hacked robot will damage enemy melee fighters.

  • Talent “Power acceleration”.

Research is available at level 7. The talent gives an additional bonus to hacked robots to 2 action points. The robot will be able to move further across the battlefield and more often cause damage to opponents.

Whether it is worth pumping, you decide. If everything you need has already been pumped, and you still have free talent points, you can pump it. We recommend pumping at the last moment.

Explosives Talents.

The talents in this section are additional and increase survivability in battle. They can also give a bonus to heavy weapons, such as a bazooka, a grenade launcher. The talents in this section are more suitable for the grenade launcher class.

  • Talent “In Shelter”.

Unlocks at level 2 and grants additional resistance to fire and explosion effects. Fire and explosion resistance increases by + 20%.

  • Talent “Bomb Utilization”.

You can research at level 3. Gives the character a 33% chance to receive a grenade when defusing mines.

At the beginning of the game it can be useful, but by the middle of the game there is no time to deal with disposal. And all the attention goes to other things. So it’s up to you to pump or not.

  • Talent “Minesweeper”.

You can get the talent at level 4. Gives the character immunity to mines, you can move around the minefield and the mines will not explode. But the action extends to the member in the team who has the “Minesweeper” talent.

You don’t have to constantly run through minefields, so you don’t need to pump. If you have already decided to pump, then it makes sense to acquire this talent for a melee character. Because he is on the front line and takes over the first attacks. But for a character of the sniper class, there is no point in pumping this talent.

  • Talent “Mortar explosion”.

Research becomes available at level 5 and unlocks the Mortar Blast ability. The ability can be activated for 7 action points. The talent is triggered after 1 turn and deals an additional + 100% damage. It is best to pump over a character equipped with a grenade launcher.

To do this, you need to select an ability and direct the area to the approximate approach of the enemy. It is best to do this before the start of the battle, at this moment you can predict the possible location. In addition, in some places, before the attack, opponents gather nearby and there is a possibility of making an effective attack.

  • Talent “High Power”.

Can be pumped at level 7. Gives a permanent bonus on critical damage with a grenade or missile on hit.

The talent is very useful and provides a great advantage on the battlefield. Since the grenade launcher is already a good weapon with normal damage. Which is capable of hitting several targets per shot, and with a pumped talent generally fire. We recommend that you upgrade if you plan to make a strong ranger.

  • Talent “Blast area radius”.

Research becomes available at level 10. A character with the qualification of a grenade launcher will be able to inflict damage with a large radius of destruction by + 40%.

Talan works on all weapons that have an area of ​​effect. These weapons can include grenades, rockets, grenade launcher firing, and so on. The talent works well in tandem with the High Power talent. One will increase the damage dealt, and the other will give the opportunity to hit more targets. We recommend pumping.