American anti-tank self-propelled gun T3 HMC

The American T3 HMC self-propelled self-propelled gun is a light SPG for infantry and tank support. Developed in 1938 on the basis of the tank M1A3. One prototype was made. Due to a number of technical and ergonomic deficiencies identified during the tests, it was not accepted for service.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the US anti-tank self-propelled gun T3 HMC is at level 2. This is a fairly fast self-propelled gun on which you can quickly change the flank and cover the allies. And in the case of a breakthrough, the defense can confidently leave the enemy tanks and quickly take up a firing position.

Can reach a maximum speed of 72.40 kilometers per hour. Of the disadvantages of maneuverability is the low speed reverse. Because of this, if during the time not to leave the zone of shelling, the anti-tank self-propelled gun T3 HMC can quickly disassemble.

Reservation of the tank is very weak and is 15 millimeters in frontal projection. Because of this, the tank can be used as a support tank and keep the defense because of the bushes.

From the armament, you can install one of the three 37 mm AT Gun M3, QF 2-pdr Mk guns on a tank. IX or 75 mm AT Howitzer M1A1.