American medium tank M3 Lee

The American medium tank M3 Lee is a tank of the Second World War period. It was named in honor of the Confederate General of the United States Civil War R. E. Lee. It is also widely known under its British name M3 Grant, in honor of the General of the Federal Forces US Grant in the same war. The M3 was created in 1940 on the basis of the M2 tank and was mass-produced from June 1941 to December 1942. A total of 6258 M3 were released in various versions.

Created on the basis of the M2 medium tank using almost all components and assemblies of the power plant, transmission and the undercarriage of the latter. It was developed taking into account the experience of hostilities of the German tank forces in Europe and primarily as an alternative to Pz.1V. Structurally far from perfect (for the beginning of the 40s, the multi-layered arrangement of weapons was absolutely archaic), nevertheless it represented an important stage in the development of tank building in the USA, becoming the first American tank armed with a 75 mm gun. Produced by: American Locomotive Company, Detroit Tank Arsenal (Chrysler), Pressed Steel Car Company, Pullman Standard Car Company and Baldwin Locomotive Works.


American medium tank M3 Lee is the first and most popular option. The body is riveted, the cannon turret and the machine-gun turret are cast. Some tanks were equipped with vertical stabilizers for guiding guns and Guiberson T 1400 2 diesel engines. Machines produced for Great Britain (Grant I) had only one cast turret of an increased size.

Paradoxically, but true: medium tanks of the M3 type least of all fought in the US Army, Most of the cars produced were sent to the UK (2877), to the USSR (1386) and to other countries (100). As a result, only 1895 tanks entered the American troops.

American medium tanks M3 Lee received baptism of fire in North Africa, in the battle of Ghazal as part of the 7th British Panzer Division. As part of the British troops “li” and “grants” fought in Africa until the complete defeat of the German-Italian army of Rommel. At the same time, American crews took part in the hostilities.

The American M3 first entered the battle in the Philippines as part of the 192nd tank battalion. Basically they were used for educational purposes both in the United States and abroad. Combat vehicles of this type were armed, for example, the regiments of the 1st tank division of the US Army, transferred in the spring of 1942 to Northern Ireland. One of them, the 13th, took part in the landing of American troops in Morocco and in the subsequent battles in Tunisia, towards the end of which almost all of them were replaced by “Shermans”. The M3 was limitedly used in battles on the islands of the Pacific Ocean in November 1943 as part of the 193rd tank battalion on the Meckoll Atoll with the 27th Infantry Division and on Tarawa with the 2nd Marine Division.

After decommissioning, the M3 was reworked in the M31 BREM and heavy artillery tractors M32 were actively used in this capacity until the end of the war. On the basis of the tank produced self-propelled artillery M7.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the American medium tank M3 Lee is on level 4. It is difficult to play on it. In its characteristics, this tank is more like a self-propelled unit because of the built-in gun in the tank hull. The gun itself is located on the right closer to the stern. at first glance it seems that on this tank you can hold the position by hiding the left side behind the building and setting only the gun itself as if playing from the side. But it was not there that it was a board, and the corps itself pierces through most enemy tanks. And if you play from the relief, then they will start to punch two turrets in which the armor is also not particularly felt. It is difficult to play and most likely this tank will be more suitable for covering allies while being at a little further than the average distance, since the weapon at long distances is not very comfortable.