American medium tank T20

The American medium tank T20 is the first car from a series of American medium tanks 1942-1943, created to replace the M4 Sherman tank. The first prototype was ready in May 1943. Was tested before 1944, but was not launched into the series. In the process of creating the machine, various technical solutions were tested. In the future, based on the machine, tanks T22 and T23 were created, which served as the basis for the creation of the T25 and T26, and based on the latter, the M26 Pershing tank was created.

In online game World Of Tanks American medium tank T20 is at level 7. It does not have large dimensions. In terms of size can be compared with several light tanks.

The American medium tank T20 can be called a tank of a passive light scout. Small size allows you to successfully shine while in the bushes. And thanks to the declination of the gun, there is an excellent opportunity to play from the hillocks and the terrain.

The speed of the American medium tank T20 is 56 kilometers per hour, gaining speed slowly, but this does not prevent rapid change of position in the event of a rapid burst of defense by enemy tanks.

A gun of 90 mm Gun M3 allows you to pierce most tanks of their level and some tanks to a level higher.