Soviet medium tank A-43

The project of the Soviet medium tank A-43 was developed by the design bureau of the Kharkov Locomotive Plant No. 183 named after. The Comintern. This project was developed following the results of studying the newest German tanks as a replacement for the T-34. After studying the materials, the dummy commission made a number of proposals for the finalization of the project. But in connection with the beginning of the war all the work on the tank was rolled up.

In the online game World of Tanks, the Soviet medium tank A-43 is at level 6. The tank is very common with the tanks of level 8, which significantly affects the comfort of the game. Very often the medium tank A-43 becomes an easy target.

Weak booking, not very good review and declination of the guns make the game on the average Soviet tank A-43 not very comfortable. It is difficult to play because of the terrain, a high risk to be seen by enemy scouts before the player can play on the A-43 medium tank. A weak reservation does not effectively protect against most guns.

The only thing you can be happy about is the speed of movement of the average tank A-43, the maximum speed is 55 kilometers per hour and the rate of fire of the gun is 16.67 rounds per minute.

Playing on the Soviet tank A-43 it is better to stick to the support position and be on the middle distance in the second and third rows. Mobility of the tank A-43 allows you to quickly move on the flanks and choose more comfortable positions, while maintaining the right distance.