Anno 1800 about season 2 updates

In December 2019, the developers promised fans of the game new updates. As a result, in the near future it will be possible to get acquainted with the new industrial revolution. In which new level systems and passage will be introduced, as well as a new continent. Only 2 season is planned in three additions.

The first addition is called “Place of Power”, its release is scheduled for March 24, 2020.

As part of this add-on, it will be available:

  • The new palace, which is needed for the rule of the industrial empire. This building gives a passive bonus and opens the choice of several policies. The selected politicians influence the life of citizens in the city.
  • Levels of influence systems are increasing. There are three of them. How much you can earn can depend on this.

The next update is due out around the summer of 2020. The update will be released under the name “Bright Harvest.”

This update will bring the game the ability to use agricultural machinery, tractors and mechanized vehicles. Use that will increase farm productivity and reduce labor. This introduction is still good in that it reduces the need for large farming areas.

The third update is called “Land of the Lions.” It is tentatively planned to be released in 2020. This update is about an African company. In the game, it will be a new continent that will be stunned by a more arid climate. The emperor of these lands is called Keteme. The main tasks, as already understood, will be the creation of fertile lands.

There will not be much water on the land and it will be necessary to use the new system, creating special channels for the distribution of water between fertile land.

And of course, new types of buildings will be added.