Apex Legends about updates

In the near future, in Apex Legends, developers will release an update in the court, some characters will be improved, while others will take advantage.

So for example, Bloodhound will increase the range of his ability and increase his duration. The guard will deal more damage, 70 points. And the character of Gibraltar will reduce the useful effect of the shield to 50 units, previously he had 75 units.

To improve the gameplay, game inventory will increase by 2 slots. But at the same time, the occupied space in the inventory will be reduced in quantity. So for example, one grenade will occupy one slot, and not as before, with one slot it was possible to put several grenades. Similarly, with first-aid kits and batteries. But syringes and cans of shields can still be stored in several pieces in one slot, though a little less, 4 pieces each.