Rainbow Six Siege new updates and changes.

In the near future, the company developer Ubisoft Entertainment will introduce new characters to the players. In an update called Operation Void Edge. In total, two units will be available for new characters. The game is made in the action genre action movie with destructible elements, walls, after which it opens the opportunity to go to another room.

One of the characters is Oryx, and the other is Iana.

Oryx is a quarterback with average armor and speed.

Oryx has the opportunity to climb into the hatches on the upper floors. Use the ability to jerk and knock down enemies, as well as destroy walls and barricades. In terms of walls, the character’s health points are slightly taken away. And the use of “jerk” requires charges, after use they are gradually restored.

Oryx owns a submachine gun weapon and uses Barbed Wire or Camera equipment.

Iana is an attacking character who also has average armor and speed.

Iana has no less interesting skills, though it may probably not bring a big advantage. The main ability is to set your holograms. Which, if it makes problems, is only in terms of noise. On which opponents can come. Holograms have no attack capability. Energy is spent on use.

Maps and a number of characters will also be redesigned. Change and navigation in the menu

The character of the Tachanka will be reworked. It will be improved by the ability to improve the basic ability. The main ability of the Tachanka is the machine gun that it sets up. In the previous version, this machine gun is not movable, but other allies can use it. And in improving the “Tachanka” this machine gun can carry. This will make it even a little more mobile.

Because of this machine gun, “Tachanka” received many different jokes on the Internet, as it was considered the most inefficient. So for example, other rivals have the ability to detect opponents and attack suddenly, which in turn, taking a position behind a machine gun is not profitable.

Also, the hero of the “Tachanka” will be given incendiary grenades, when shot at the walls, they bounce off and after a while explode, setting fire to the surface.

A new passing mode may appear in the game. Players will be given a golden pistol with a cartridge for one cartridge. When fired, the gun will have to reload in order to produce subsequent shots.