Total War Three Kingdoms – A World Betrayed New Update and New Company

In the near future, March 19, the game Total War Three Kingdoms is waiting for a new update called A World Betrayed. Creative Studio worked on the development. In a new sequel, the game will take place during the sunset of the Han Empire.

In the previous time, there were confrontations between dynasties in 194 AD. And during these confrontations, most of the heroes died. In continuation came their heirs, no less formidable and dangerous.

In a new story, descendants try to regain what was lost in previous battles. When tyrant Dong Zhuo was killed, his adoptive son Lu Bu fled to safe lands. And now he is trying to gather an army and regain the former influence of his dynasty. And for this he will have to defeat the strong leaders of the country.

And Sun Tse, the son of the deceased father, Sun Jiang, will attack the lands in the south. Since holding his father at death, he vowed to him that he would preserve the family’s heritage. He is faced with a difficult task, since he needs to protect his people in a chaos-ridden country.

In the new update, a new company about Lu Bu will appear. The hero can be pumped, and pumping points are obtained in the fighting on the battlefield. And in the panel “The Greatest Warrior” the leaders of the “Three Kingdoms” period are indicated. When Lu Bu defeats such characters, his clan receives special bonuses.

In addition to it, and new types of troops “Camp Destroyers” and “Dashing Riders”. And other types of troops.