Company of Crime London and 1960 Law and Law Confrontation

Company of Crime is a game about crime business in Britain in London in 1960. Resistance Games is working on the development of this game, which plans to release it in 2020. The developers proposed two scenarios for passing the game, when choosing one of the factions of the police or bandits. From some point of view, this is an analogue of the game Empire of Sin and Xcom.

If you choose a criminal path, then the main task is to create a gang that unites different sides of the criminal act. Gradually, the scope of action is increasing and the number of gangs is growing, and its participants have great crafts and skills. The skills of the fighters in the gang simplify the commission of crimes after which it is more difficult for the police to find and expose them. Gang raids can be made on such establishments as clubs, workshops, veterinary clinics and other places in the city of London.

If you decide to choose the path of law enforcement in the form of an inspector, then the “Scotland Yard Flying Squad” will be at the disposal. The main task of which is to restore order in the city. You can also improve your subordinates by recruiting more experienced detectives into the squad.

Gameplay for the bandits.

The process of hostilities in most cases takes place in close combat. Since the terrain of action. At the same time, fighters have bonuses that must be properly managed. And arrange the fighters in the right order. For example, some of them can block attacks. And if you take the number and go back, you can get additional bonuses to the attack. Small arms also exist, but they can be taken away and thus avoid large losses in the detachment.

Playing as bandits and arranging a showdown, you need to sweep tracks and try not to make a lot of noise. If you leave some evidence at the crime scene, sooner or later, detectives will find the participants in the crime. And if you arrange fights in a visible place among people, then the police may come and deal with it will not be easy.

And not only from the police problems can begin. There are other gangs in the city who also control their income areas. But the more buildings the gang controls, the more items are available. So you’ll have to think over the actions and, if possible, just agree with the owners of the institutions in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Gameplay for the police.

Playing for the police is not an easy process. Several gangs in the city conduct their criminal acts, which must be stopped and not allowed to increase their empire. The police can take action to counter the call if a signal has been received about an offense. But they themselves can send reconnaissance patrols to suspicious establishments. You need to contact informants and receive search warrants. And when conducting an arrest, you should try to give the criminals cover up tracks and hide evidence.

Almost a similar game was from the developers of Romero Games, about the period of gangsters and prohibition in Chicago in 1920. And now we have to see the story that developed in London in 1960.


OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 7400
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 25 GB