Dreadlands is a turn-based strategy in the world after an apocalypse with a common world with players

Dreadlands is a turn-based strategy in the world after the apocalypse from the developer company Blackfox Studios. Players are invited to head their unit and explore the world while traveling in different regions. Where you have to fight with different gangs and meet with other players managing the same squad. When meeting with another player, you can interact, help each other. But to meet in combat clashes in PvP modes.

About the world of Dreadlands.

According to the developers of the world, Dreadlands is an amazing and unique strange place. They call him their major Intersolar. In which they realized a massive firefight, hyperkinetics and an exotic experimental weapon that players can assemble themselves.

In the process of passing, players will see a lot of different locations and opponents inhabiting them. Created by nature and a mixture of biomes. Walk through sights such as swamps, jungles, desert plains and contaminated devastation zones.

About valuable material.

This material “Shine” has the properties of glow and is located in the dangerous lands of “Dreadlocks”. Among other materials, it is most valuable due to the high demand and complexity of mining. To get it, you will have to face a number of problems and competition from creatures living in these lands and other players.

Appears in random places and there is no exact definition of the location of rich crops. And the material itself is toxic while it is in its raw form. After processing, a part of the useful form is obtained from it. And to reach the full potential of the found material is possible only after improvement in a special building.

The buyers of such valuable material are three organizations that, after processing the material, send it to large cities. These organizations are called Impetus, Senescent Glory and Junction, which are distinguished by culture and experience.

About Factions.

The company can be entered by joining the faction. And after passing the main company, the player will have access to world battles. Where players will fight with each other and survive, as well as fight for the Shine resource.

There are three fractions in the game that differ from each other:

  • Tribens.

Members of this faction worship Nature and are not so peaceful. “Nature” gives them energy in the form of stimulants that change their consciousness. And religious faith in Nature requires regular consumption of stimulants. And almost do not own advanced technologies.

In hostilities, they can command animals and mount armed totems. Their fighters are “Hunters” armed with long-range weapons and are snipers.

  • Scrappers.

These are born scavengers who are capable of making dangerous weapons and various tricks from a pile of metal. In the game they can be called more drunks.

  • The Skarbacks.

These are cybernetic beings. Once they were created as slaves for work and service. But after the uprising, many fled to the wasteland. Like other gangs, they compete for rich harvests.

In combat, they prefer to use close combat, referring to the size and power of modified cybernetics.

Combat system.

During the tests, many players made their suggestions for improving the game, and the developers thought and made decisions. And some of the requests of the players were taken into account and embodied in the game.

For example, players did not like the combat system and had to choose between a move and a shot. After requests from the players, this problem was removed and given 2 points for action. Now you can heal and go to another place, shoot and do some action or shoot twice.

But given the firing twice, the developers said it was a lot and added fines. Introducing a kind of balance. If the player decided to fire two shots in one turn, then his character may jam the weapon, which will need to be repaired in the next turn. Or a slip just happens.

In addition to creating your own gang, you can pump and improve your base. And the characters in the squad can be pumped and revealed to them abilities that directly affect the tactics of warfare. And equipment can be strengthened if unique artifacts are found. After combining an artifact with a weapon, it becomes stronger.