Endzone A World Apart Unique Weather Strategy Review

Endzone A World Apart is a strategy about the survival of settlers after a global catastrophe on planet earth. The game was developed by Gentlymad Studios, which released the game in early access on April 2, 2020. The game is gradually being refined and improved, new buildings and technologies are added.

About the plot.

The game takes place in 2021. After a group of terrorists destroyed nuclear reactors around the world. Due to radiation and radioactive dust, humanity had to hide in bunkers. And after a while, to come to the surface of the earth in order to continue the human race.

The player will lead the camp of survivors and build a city from existing technologies. The population of surviving people is gradually growing, the surviving themselves create new people. Children grow up and are engaged in continued development. And life on the planet is gradually getting better.

About the camp of the survivors.

The starting base of the survivors is a regular school bus. With it begins all further development of the game. The first surviving settlers live in this dilapidated bus. There are no roads for traffic. The bus is not a fixed base.

For the development of the settlement in the game there are many different types of resources. These resources are available for gathering and are scattered in different parts of the territory. And others need to be produced and mined using stations. And for normal prosperity you need a normal supply of necessary resources.

To save the earth from radiation, the population digs up the earth. This is of course a little unusual way from the developers, where the player is offered to remove radiation with a shovel. The map shows that after the work of people, radiation disappears.

In the development process, survivors will need to be provided with special clothing from radiation. To preserve their health and protect against radiation. Such groups of the population can be freely sent in search of the necessary resources to the destroyed cities. Having formed an expedition for them.

And the camp itself is somewhere in the middle of the global map. And in different parts of the map you can find ruined and deserted cities. In these cities, you can collect additional resources if you send an expedition.

About the real danger to the survivors.

And everything would be good and simple, if not the prevailing weather conditions after the disaster. From time to time, thunderclouds loom over the settlement, which can damage the soil. Or sandstorms along with drought. A dry climate is so dangerous that it can dry an entire body of water near a settlement.

To control weather conditions, the player has a special tracking mode, where you can see how the temperature of the earth changes. And also its humidity level. Using this function, you can determine the most suitable places for fertile land.

Since the soil has appropriate moisture indicators and the soil is gradually draining. From time to time, heavy rains can be observed. They saturate the soil with the necessary moisture and infect with radiation. After such a rain, you must immediately send the settlers to work with a shovel to remove radiation.

About the gameplay.

To develop starting growth in the settlement, it is necessary to build buildings producing water and food. Great efforts will not arise in this, since the population allows producing resources and constructing structures. After the construction of these buildings, the construction of houses and a scrap processing building will be required.

When these required buildings are built, the player will have to deal with the distillation of workers from one place to another. Increasing or decreasing the number of workers in some places. This process can reduce the growth and speed of a settlement.

During a drought, the state of the workers and the concentration of their places of work must again be monitored. Closer to the drought, you need to have time to harvest and stop sowing, since the plants still will not sprout due to lack of water. It will also be necessary to prepare with water supplies and to build the number of water storage facilities needed.

Not pleasant moments of course are not favorable weather conditions. Which bring good surprises to the settler. It may not be easy to get out of an unfavorable environment, as it is difficult to plan long-term forecasts. And the available indicators inform for several months.


The game is currently in early access. And the developers continue to work on the game. It should be noted that the graphics in the game are decent and well-designed elements of buildings and the environment. People who like building simulator strategies may well be fine.

Of the threats to the settlers at the moment, just not favorable weather conditions. In the form of arid climate and radiation with acid rain. After which you need to constantly move and coordinate the actions of people in order to save or pay attention to other things.

But there is no military component in the game yet. Settlers will not have to arm themselves and defend their base. And these moments may not suit another number of people who like the fighting. And even without them, the game has something to do.