Iron Harvest 1920 a unique look at the world of the 20th century Diesel punk in the real-time strategy of the 2020 game.

The developers of the game Iron Harvest 1920 is a German studio KING Art Games. Polish artist Jakub Ruzalski invented the world of Iron Harvest 1920. The release date of the game is scheduled for September 2020. The legendary Iron Harvest game is a real-time strategy game (RTS), created in the alternative reality of 1920+, immediately after the end of the Great War. The game takes place at the beginning of the 20th century when mankind came up with walking cars and tanks armed with different weapons. You have to manage and lead the characters, soldiers and robots into battle. Important strategic and tactical points are the shelter system. With offensive and defensive actions play an important role. When developing the game, important points and wishes of real-time strategy fans were taken into account. And about 15,000 users were interviewed to get the solution.

Around March 2018, the developers brought the game to public funding. This decision was made so that the studio KING Art Games would remain longer independent. And the very beginning of the creation of the game was laid at the end of 2016. The developers planned to get about $ 450,000. As a result, they managed to raise significantly more than about 1,500,000 dollars. On the Kickstarter platform, they raised $ 1.3 and, through Paypal, $ 232,000. In this regard, the developers promised their fans a free plot addition, multiplayer modes and co-op. Cinematic videos, new maps and the “new game +” mode will appear.

The game allows you to control giant diesel-punk furs, combining epic single and cooperative campaigns, as well as skirmishes with intense action on the battlefield for multi-player fans. Iron Harvest is a classic real-time strategy that fans expect. In which you can build a base and defenses for protection. In the constructed buildings, you can hire infantry and mechanical troops.

The main features of the game include:

  • complete destruction of objects on the map if the weapon is powerful enough.
  • Epic single and cooperative campaigns, multi-player competitions, skirmishes, single and cooperative trials and free DLC.
  • A mature story told from the point of view of three different factions and their heroes with additional options in battle and reconnaissance.
  • Soldiers can equip weapons on the battlefield to gain special abilities and more firepower. For example, equip grenades.
  • Almost all buildings on the map can be used as shelter for infantry. Shelter must be used carefully. And blow up entire buildings to pieces for a tactical advantage. Come up with a plan to take into account a wide range of tactics.
  • Three different fractions. With over 40 types of units and 9 heroes with unique abilities.

At your disposal 3 different fractions:

  • The Republic of Polania is a large agrarian country with a rich history. He is trying to maintain his status and territory by fighting his aggressive neighbors: Saxony in the west and Rusviet in the east. Polaniya initiated a program to modernize her army, while most of the country was still occupied by Rusiet forces. The campaign tells the story of a fighting army of freedom fighters.
  • The Saxon empire is one of the most influential countries in Europe with its powerful industry, developed cities, modern factories and strong military traditions. However, after unfavorable conditions of surrender in the Great War, the current mood in the Empire is bad. Due to the fact that the empire lost in World War I, proud elites and humiliated aristocrats secretly oppose the policy of appeasing the Emperor.
  • Rusviet is huge, powerful, has unrivaled industrial and demographic potential. Rusviet’s army is huge, and their types of mechs are unmatched when it comes to heavy armor and close combat. But the country’s population is tired and exhausted by the long war. Disappointment is growing, and the strength of Tsar Nicholas is weakening every day.

And each faction has its own characteristics, history, plot and unique characters with their own abilities. Each faction has its own heroes with their own abilities, dramatically affecting the tactical options available to you. You can choose between all nine heroes in multiplayer and skirmishes. In Iron Harvest, heroes are not omnipotent. Instead, they all have unique abilities that give you additional tactical abilities.

Infantry units are the backbone of any army in Iron Harvest because they are cheap, relatively fast, and, most importantly, extremely versatile. They fight in squads and gain experience to upgrade their level to veterans and elite ranks. Infantry is the only type of unit that can conquer resource buildings and human bunkers. Since they are unarmored units, it is imperative to keep them in cover when possible, such as in trenches or outside walls. However, the real strength of the infantry in Iron Harvest lies in its ability to equip various weapons and tools on the fly to specialize in any situation. Only a Specialist can destroy one of the many types of mechs on the battlefields of 1920+.

Iron Harvest will feature about 30 different pleasure cars and exoskeletons. These robots come in many shapes and sizes, from gigantic superheavy combat vehicles to fast and versatile lighter types, which makes it possible to apply extremely different strategies. Weapon systems are powerful but slow weapons, such as cannons against mechanized infantry, heavy machine guns and mortars. A whole detachment of infantry is needed to control and guard these deadly vehicles. All weapon systems have a fire cone, so it is very important to be careful in the direction and location.