Panzer Corps 2 tactical strategy about the second world war

The developer of the game is Flashback Game Studio. The first developers showed a desire to release the continuation of the game back in 2017, and in March 2020 the game was released. When developing the game, the developers notified the players that they carefully approach the development and are not going to change many details of the previous parts. For the reason that they showed themselves in good condition and on the best side.

The new part of Panzer Corps 2 is fully focused on the passage of the company for the German army. It is possible that companies may appear for other countries. According to the statement from the developers, they are ready to continue this project and release new additions. In which they plan to cover the entire Pacific conflict and other countries. But if everything goes according to plan and the game will be popular.

The company covers almost all theaters of action of the Second World War where the German army took part. European and African fighting. It is proposed to go through about 60 scenarios. Passing the company at the moment is possible only for Germany.

The game features a huge amount of military equipment. Infantry, motorized rifle troops, tank troops, naval and air forces. The player will command this large number of vehicles in the role of general.

At the same time, the developers also provided the opportunity to play the game online on the Internet, if someone wanted to try their hand with their friend. The ability to make moves simultaneously with a friend is included.

Each combat unit accumulates its experience and becomes stronger. It is important to try to keep the experienced combat units intact, as they move on to the next mission and can make decisive actions and contribute to the victory.

But there were some improvements and new tactical options were introduced:

  • Overrun.

According to the developers, this is one of the popular options. Tanks are endowed with the ability to finish off damaged enemy infantry and destroy in the future. At the same time, the tank does not spend movement and attack points.

  • Encirclements.

This feature allows you to block the reinforcement and supply of enemy combat units. But for this you need to surround them and occupy free supply points. After this, the enemy unit receives fines every turn.

  • The splitting of combat units.

There was an opportunity to divide a group of military units into several equal parts. Each divided unit is considered a bleaching unit. Which in turn opens up even more tactical opportunities. But for such an action you need to make sure of the enemy forces. And as a rule, such a division of troops is more suitable for reconnaissance.

  • Captured trophy.

There was an opportunity to capture enemy units. During the game, enemy fighters can surrender to your army, later surrenders replenish your trophies. Captured trophy units can be used in the future. Enemy units can surrender when they are fired on to “suppress”.

  • Air combat units, aircraft.

Now, in this part, planes take off from airfields and return back. Moreover, the effectiveness of using such units depends on the distance of the task. If the target is far from the airfield, then the effectiveness of the air attack will be low. Since aircraft require refueling.

  • Naval forces, ships.

According to the developers, the marine tactical component is less interesting, since the whole game is oriented on land. But of course you can get a strategic advantage using the naval army. The main marine fleet are aircraft carriers, thanks to which it is possible to obtain support and reinforcement from aircraft by air.

The game as a general is well thought out, since there are many elements of tactics. But the technical characteristics of each equipment are many and you need to take into account such indicators as fuel supply, the amount of ammunition, viewing radius, initiative and influence, as well as the range of operations.

One of the unpleasant indicators is “Depression.” If the fighters have this indicator high, then the unit can lay down their arms and become subordinate to the enemy side. But it can also be used for your own purposes. And get the “Trophy Weapon”.

Minimum parameters for PC:

Operating System: Windows 8 64 bits / Windows 10 64 bits
Processor: two core Intel or AMD
Video Card: 2 GB
DirectX (R): 11
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Hard Drive: 9 GB

You can download, buy the game from an official representative:

Panzer Corps 2 (PC)