Northgard Wolf Clan (Fenrir) review and game tips

In the Northgard game, the Wolf Clan is a military clan, and its citizens are born wars. The main directions are free hunting and combat skirmishes. In the game, members of the clan are considered aggressive and freedom-loving people. In case of danger, they are ready to withstand even strong opponents. But with proper management and development, a clan can be a good merchant.

Clan bonuses.

  • The clan can get food by hunting and killing neutral creatures, “Wolves” and “Bears”.

In terms of hunting for the “Wolves” you can get almost regular “Food” in areas where there is a “Wolf’s Lair”. But for this, it is not necessary to colonize this territory, so there is an opportunity to get seasonal bonuses to “Food”.

But in terms of “Bears” everything is different. If you defeat him, you can get “Food” only once. And in the same territory “Bear” will not appear. But the extraction of “Food” from him more.

  • Hired fighters consume less “Food” by 30% and increase happiness.

If in the previous part of Northgard the “Wolf Clan” was considered the most gluttonous clan for the “Food” and had to hunt often, look for good fertile land and improve the economy.

That part of the Northgard Conquest “Wolf Clan” is configured differently. And the larger the army, the better, and Happiness and the production of Food do not significantly limit population growth.

  • You can hire the first fighter for free.

This saves Gold at the beginning of the game and simplifies the tactics of developing a settlement. One hired Warrior can handle one neutral Wolf, and then he can be sent to some work. And hire another “Warrior” from another “Peasant” to clean up another territory. So you can save resources on the structure of the “Healer’s Huts”.

In other clans, in order to clean up the territory, so as not to lose the precious man, you need to build “Healer’s huts” or “Shaman’s huts. For the treatment and preservation of the “Warrior” after the first battle with the “Wolf”.

Clan bonuses “Glory”.

  • Upon reaching the “Glory” of 200 units, “Possession” becomes available.

And Berserk will be able to colonize the territory for free. But for repeated free colonization, it takes some time to pass.

This is a very good and profitable feature, especially when the colonization of the territory costs more than 1000 “Food”. And it becomes easier to own large territories, in terms of discovery and capture. But to protect large areas is more difficult. But the “Clan Wolf” with these moments, this should not happen, as you can place the soldiers in these territories. And the content of the fighters is lower.

  • “Offensive”.

Becomes active upon reaching “Glory” 500 points. All fighters receive a +15% attack bonus if they fight in a foreign territory.

Reduces the cooldown of Berserker’s Possession by 50%.

Clan Relic.

It is called the “Horn of Managram.” In order to build it, you must first study in the “Forge”. After construction, you can hire 3 White Wolfs to fight on your side.

The White Wolves are summoned for free and do not disappear after a lapse of time. You can summon them for 150 units of “Food”. Summoning time, once in 2 minutes.

“White Wolves” have 5 units of defense and 50 units of life, can deal damage to enemies 10 units.

If the summoned White Wolves are left 2 units and make the next call, then one White Wolf will appear. Thus, in the army there can be 3 units and repeated calls are not summarized.

White Wolves have the Disguise ability, which allows them to move around free territory without entering a battle. In addition to this, they have a high speed of movement.

Due to the quick call and high speed of movement, they are well used as sabotage in enemy territories.

Clan Traditions.

  • “Military booty.”

In armed clashes, the defeated enemy begins to bring “Gold”. This improvement allows you to quickly get a small amount of “Gold”. For example, in need of buying resources in the “Market”, for any improvements.

  • “Looting”.

After a successful attack on enemy territory, fighters get a bonus to strength + 30% to lives. But in the territory in which the removal of possessions from the enemy clan took place.

  • “Field rations”.

The army is reduced consumption of “Food” by + 75%. Clan “Fighters” already consume less “Food” than other clans, and this improvement also reduces their already not-so-big consumption figures. As a result, the army of the “Clan of the Wolves” almost does not consume “Food”, or rather, its consumption is almost not noticeable.

  • “The Conqueror”.

This improvement is focused on the army. And when it is studied with fighters, damage to the towers increases by + 75%. And accelerating the removal of territory from the enemy clan twice.

  • “Hidden threats.”

In the study, it will increase the influx of “Gold” on the “Trade Routes” by + 75%. But only if the Berserker is hired. And if you put Berserk in the territory where the Trading Post was built, the income of Gold will increase by + 150%. And trade will be possible even during the war.

Of all the available improvements to the clans in terms of “Gold” improvement “Hidden threats” in the “Clan of the Wolves” is the most effective and profitable.

About a career.

“Clan Wolf” is better suited to improve the “Guardian”, as it is focused on the size of the growth of the army. But if you choose another improvement, then to increase the army will have to build more military buildings “Training Camps” and so on in this part.

Main character.

The “Clan of the Wolves” battle leader is the “Berserker”. He is an excellent leader with good fighting qualities. Can deal damage in 22 units, has 10 units of defense and 70 units of life.

Hired in the “Training Camp” for 200 units of “Gold” and 5 units of “Iron”.

When pumping “Glory” he has the ability to “Possession”. Thanks to this ability, you can colonize the territory for free for 11 minutes once. A very useful feature when the earth starts to cost more than 1000 units of Food.